Touken Ranbu Merchandises!

It’s without a doubt that Touken Ranbu is still riding high among the Fans. Touken Ranbu’s overwhelming popularity in Japan (and worldwide) has not escaped the attention of the big companies as everyone seems to want a piece of the pie.

I was in Japan early this month and it was fun chancing upon Touken Ranbu merchandises in places you least expected; a convenience store.

Convenience store in Japan belongs to a totally different category from Singapore. Stepping into a Combini (Convenience store) in Japan is like stepping into an amusement park, a supermarket, a restaurant, a cafe, a souvenir shop , a parcel pick up point and a place to pay your bills, all rolled into one.

When I was in Japan, 7-Eleven was having a Touken Ranbu Lucky dip (Kuji) going on. Each dip cost 600Yen.
A friend who currently stays in Japan was lucky enough to get her hand on the top prize in just one dip! And it was a thick and fluffy Haori with the most adorable chibi Touken Ranbu characters printed all over it ! The perfect thing for freezing winter!

I regret not stealing a picture of the super adorable and comfy Haori but you can kind of see it hanging on the door in my Fukubukuro Haul video. Check out the video below if you’re interested to know what a 'Fukubukuro' is and what 'Fukubukuros' I bought

We also spotted some Touken Ranbu Ice cream while we were Midnight supper shopping. Did I eat it? No, I didn’t and I’m hating myself now haha.

I had thought that was all, but I discovered more in a place I least expected. The 7-Eleven in takayama had more Touken Ranbu promotions going on.

The first one that caught my eyes were these incredibly cute A6 plastic folders high up on the shelves ! With my limited knowledge of the language, I wasn’t quite sure if these were for sale initially. So I just took one and went to the counter to pay for it. The staff politely told me that these are not for sale and were in fact complimentary gifts when you purchase 2 chocolate out of the participating brands/selection.

I wasted no time selecting 2 delicious looking chocolates and got my first Mikazuki Munechika folder. It was the last one in the store! How lucky! Apparently, this range of 10 different folders are limited edition and each store only carries 50 pieces in stock! What a brillant way to promote!

I was about to leave the Combini when I suddenly saw more!


And this time, the offer is even better! Buy any hot drinks and get one of these keychain for free! That’s nearly half the price of the chocolates.

So despite not being a fan, I proceed to nab the last Izuminokami Kanesada in the shop! The keychains in the shop was down to the last 3 or so piece. Apparently each shop only carries 30 of these.

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Takayama is a small laid-back town that is famous for having good Hida Beef and traditional Machiya streets. Nothing modern and cartoonish so having an Anime collaboration in the Combini here took me by surprise. Though I guess I really shouldn’t need to, this is after all, Japan. A place full of surprises haha.
My next stop after Takayam was Matsumoto and I discovered more! The 7-Eleven near my Hostel carried a full stock of these babies!

I wasted no time grabbing 2 hot drinks and my breakfast there. Taking into custody 2 Mikazukis hehehe .

I added 2 more members to the family later that evening haha. Couldn’t resist myself><!!

And I’m glad I did because I never found them in the subsequent 7-Elevens I visited.

The 7-Eleven in Nagano had the adorable folders but no Keychains =(

Other than what I discovered in Japan, here's some discovery from Facebook Ads. I discovered a line of modern watches modeled after Touken Ranbu Characters!

The online shop Super-Groupies specializes in creating chic and classy Anime inspired products that is nowhere near the usually tacky Anime merchandise. Product pictures of the four watches modeled after 4 popular Touken Ranbu characters have been released. Pre-orders will commence on 7th February while expected delivery of products is end July 2016. Each watch is prices at 12,800 Yen (USD $109).

For more information about the watches , check out Super Groupie’s official website.


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