Doujima (Doujin Market) 2016

Singapore’s biggest event for budding artists, illustrators and pop culture fans ; Doujin Market (Doujima) had yet another successful run last weekend. Fitting straight into it’s new space and location , the Doujima was a festival for a wide myriad of attendees. From budding artists and pop culture fans to tourists and our local uncles and aunties, Doujima fascinated all.







Other than it’s line up of seminars, the event this year also had a line of up to 100 artists groups. Going through rows after rows of eye catching products makes you marvel at the talent of these budding artists.





One of the exhibitor, National Book Development Council of Singapore, even had a manuscript review session on the 2nd day of the event. The review session was held for aspiring youth creators and writers between the ages of 13 to 25 keen to get published. Talk about opening doors!





Many cosplayers participated in the event too by parading around in their fancy costumes. However the Cosplay crowd this year was observed to be lesser than previous. I suspect it might be due to the unforgiving convention lighting haha.






To Be Continued (that’s the name of the group) had awesome handcrafted charms, pouches and bags on sale. I particularly liked the Zootopia coin pouch which you can see on the bottom right (photo above) 





Lelouch commands you to come to Wyrrd Rune production’s booth hahaha.  Wyrrd Rune Production created meticulously and high quality hand crafted gothic and victorian jewellery works.




Many of their handicrcaft is Anime themed!




I may not be an Osomatsu fan but I like this set up xD






The booth even had a mini working Gashapon machine xD.






Was so excited to find a booth showcasing artwork from SLAM DUNK and Mononoke Hime!






There were a lot of Zootopia fan art and merchandises this year. These artists are shrewd businessmen/women too hahaha.





Gabu Gabu, the revolutionary ice cream soda was the official beverage of the event and anyone who likes their facebook page gets a can free!




One of the booth was holding a Kuji event and it attracted so much fan boys shrieks. Yes, boys shrieks too. The crowd around it was really crazy about the Kuji (luck draw) while the staff were busy getting things ready.










Japanese Blogger Sazanami Kaihen also had a booth this year. He was selling magazines that was a cross over of iM@s and travelling. He sold out by the morning of day 2! Check out his products over at his website.





Someone was even promoting his photo editing services. Want to cosplay Elsa and worried about the lack of Ice and Snow in Singapore? Now you know who to turn to xD






Doujima had a pretty overwhelming turn out this year and tunnelling through the bustling buyers and sellers was an exciting experience. I had fun strolling around Doujima while getting excited over the myriad of fan merchandises and the quality of the Artwork. Mega thanks to all the booth owners for allowing me to snap photographs of your lovely booth and merchandises. They were all so lovely!


Were you at the event last weekend? Comment and let me know what you think about it!


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