J-Obsession 2016 (Cosplay Photo gallery)

How many of you were at J-Obsession this weekend? If you were cosplaying on Saturday, you might find yourself in the photo gallery below!


In case any of you needs some refresher, J-Obsession is a youth culture event organised by The Cathay (Co- organised by Project BreakOut!). The event is now on it’s 7th year of running and it aims to celebrate different forms of Japanese pop culture with everyone. Some of the event highlights includes musical performances by local bands and artists on top of Cosplay competitions, VIP Guest appearances and Cosplay parade. The event turn out this year was pretty overwhelming despite the uncertain weather as cosplayers and event attendees spilled on all over The Cathay (venue) grounds.


Website: https://www.facebook.com/JObsession2010







J-Obsession is held on the ground floor of the 17 story cinema cum shopping mall owned by The Cathay Co. The history of the building goes all the way back to 1939 and even after it’s redevelopment in 2000, the monumental front of the old building is still conserved as a national monument.




I only had time to check out the event on saturday and below are some of the photographs I took. Hope you guys enjoy it!





Booth of the cosplay guests from both Singapore and Japan.







Other than performances by singer and live bands, J-Obsession also had live DJ sessions. I only managed to catch one while I was there and the audience clearly enjoyed grooving to the beats by responding with light sticks and enthusiastic hand movements .





Of course there was the Cosplay Parade that concluded the 2nd day of the event which was anticipated by everyone.





The ground lobby also currently features 4 live size Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures to promote the upcoming movie. The details of the figures were amazingly detailed! TMNT fans, remember to put this in your To-Do list and make a trip down for them soon because I’m not sure how long they’ll be there!






I shall put the rest of the photographs in thumbnails. Click on them to view in full size. Enjoy! If you are one of the cosplayers in the photographs below, thank you for posing for me! Leave me a comment if you want higher resolution of your own photographs =)














Unknown said…
Rika's MGS medley is the highlight on saturday

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