We Cosplayed in Singapore's First Sailor Moon Pop-Up Store!

In case you missed out my previous blog entry, 313@somerset is having a month of Sailormoon Heroine power! To celebrate the collaboration, the mall has set up a string of activities for shopping which included a pop-up store and meet and greet session with Sailormoon Cosplayers.

Venue: 313@Somerset , 313 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238895 
Pop-Up Store availability: 2 - 21 April, 12pm – 10pm , Level 1 Atrium


5 of us were invited to join the media launch yesterday and that allowed me to get a first-hand look at the merchandise on sale.

At the heart of the mall is the Sailor Moon Pop Up store with not one but four photo opportunity sets! The size appropriate Sailormoon and Tuxedo Kamen statutes greet the shoppers as they walk by. 

You gotta love that crescent moon set up - it's instant glamour in a frame!

Here's a quick look at the merchandise sold at the pop-up store. More than 80 official merchandises  were on display and for sale in the pop-up store. 

There's even a free Gashapon chance for anyone who takes a selfie with the Sailormoon and Tuxedo Kamen statutes and uploads it on Instagram. Prizes include Sailormoon merchandises, Landlease vouchers, and T2 tea leaves, 

I had a go at the gloriously pink Gacha machine and got a Sailor Moon Pin Badge. It was "badgered" off me before you can say "I'll punish you in the name of the Moon!". In exchange for its disappearance, was a gift box of tea leaves from Australian specialty Tea Shop T2. Fair barter I guess


We even got to terrorize the Tuxedo Kamen statue and photobombing each other's selfie 8D

My friends and I will be at the pop-up store again next Saturday 20th April, 5 - 6pm. If you have the time, we'd be really excited to see you! Come say hi and let's indulge in our weab-ism together haha!

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