Karaoke online so everyone can Hikikomori (#StayHome) !

The COVID19 pandemic has swept through pretty much the entire world and forced every one of us who is socially responsible to sit our asses down in our own residences. If you are one of those #YOLO people that think the virus is a hoax or that you're gonna be ok, please do some educated research.

But staying home all day can be insanely boring and that cabin fever is real. While there are websites like these that share their Top 10 things to do at home we got to admit that there's a limit to the things you can do at home, right? No more Izakaya (pub), no more Cafe hopping, no more Karaoke with our friends ... right?

Photo by Papa Yaw from Pexels

Well, it turns out we're not entirely correct on the last part. Japanese Karaoke Mogul JOYSOUND has come to the rescue!

The Karaoke Mogul has decided that human lives are more important than profit and in the midst of this crisis, they have released 100 karaoke tracks online for free practicing. So people can practise belting their tunes in this lockdown in preparation for an all-night karaoke session once they are free to roam.

In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, many karaoke stores nationwide are temporarily closed, For the purpose of practising at home, karaoke videos of popular songs and classic songs are released for a limited time!

Until the day when you can sing at the store, enjoy karaoke at home now ♪ "

Granted most of us don't have a comprehensive KTV system at home and nor can you tune the pitch or echo effect on Youtube, it is still very exciting. This playlist is scheduled to be open and free until 7th May but may be extended depending on the closure notice of their stores.

Screencap of the JOYSOUND Playlist 

On a separate note, if you're keen to KTV with your friends virtually, also check out the Mobile App "全民Party" (yep, it's entirely in Mandarin) . The app is free to use and features a very extensive and updated library of free Mandarin, English and even Japanese songs. The app has scrolling real-time lyrics (which can sometimes be wonky) and the ability to tune the pitch of the song, echo and mic volume etc. 

The highlight of the app is the fact that it can be social. You can open a KTV room and invite your friends in or you can join a random KTV room (that has chosen to be public) and just sing to your heart's content. One minor problem though is only one microphone can be heard at a given time so group or duet singing is not available. 

Photo from 全民Party Facebook

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