Gundam, on our planet.


I've heard of it but seeing IS believing! Look at the perfectness of it!

The lights emitted from the suit, the smoke gushing out from the vents, the head moving almost humanly along with the surreal music and sound effects. AHHHHHHHHHhhhhh~~~~~~

I'm not exactly a gundam fan (in the making though ahhaa =X) but this video moves me so much I'm actually having some teeny weeny goosebumps! I wish I can be there to see it !!!!!!

This is a full size 18meter Gundam statute at Tokyo's Odaiba Island. Some extract information from AnimeNewsNetwork.

"The statue will be free for viewing, but it will only stay up for two months. It will be built with fiberglass-reinforced plastic over a steel frame so it can be disassembled later. The head unit will move and the body will have 50 points that will emit light. Mist can shoot forth from 14 locations on the body. The park is just four trains stops from Tokyo Big Sight, the home of the Comic Market dōjinshi convention and the Gundam Big Expo convention that will be held from August 21 to August 23. Bandai NAMCO Group is still determining what to do with the statue after its allotted two months in the park are over."

If they decide to thrash the Gundam before majority of the fans see it in its full glory I'm gonna kick them in the eye (don't ask me how I'm gonna do that -_-;;; ). But high likely they will shift it over to some other exhibition area =D Unless some big guy up there screws up big time. I can't imagine them disposing something so costly LOL.


waninoko said…
Poor gundam tanned under the sun. >_<
Awesome finding kaika! Japanese is still the best people to make gundam! XD

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