Stgcc day 1

STGCC Day One! Or technically, day two. I woke up really late and well arrived really late too hoho. Mostly because I was a little skeptical about the event as the reviews of Toy con 2008 was sad to say, quite boring.

So I came to the event with little expectations and was pleasantly pleased. Mostly due to the happening vibe the event aisles were emitting. Personally, I'm not a big fan of merchandises so what's inside the event halls didn't really interest me much. I had initially thought the cosplay turn out for day would be pathetic but guess I was wrong! There were many really cool cosplayers there :)

The first group of kawaii babes I saw was K-On ! ! Didn't get a chance to snap any pics of these adorables because I then saw this randomtaiwanese, shiroin. He passed me his name card and we started chatting. He has started this really impressive free database site called CosWorld (all by himself OMG ! Siao Scripting skills !) for cosplayers and photographers to upload their photos and interact in. Totally cool.

Oh did i mention that its free? I can go on and on about the fabulous features shiroin have in mind for his baby but for now, I'll keep this entry STGCC related haha.

Camwhoring with the elegant Athena!

Anyway, I went around and took a lot of cosplayer hostages :x The next pair of familiar faces i saw was Jia-er and Xiaobai. Cosplaying as Athena and Hades from Saint Seiya the Lost Canvas.

I then spotted Hade's pretteh necklace pendant ! I thought it looked pretty good for a prop and bugged her to share with me her crafting tips xD

Isn't she cute and unbelieveaby nice :x ? I don't follow Saint Seiya so i know nuts about her character. But honestly, I think she'd make a fine Shana. Someone please slap me for my randomness - . - u

Switch girl! They look so comfy xD

Switch Girl! I've only seen the cover of the manga at Kino but I can already tell I'll like it. Haha. I thought the pink girl did a really good cosplay :D not glamorous but hey, cosplay's about bringing out the characteristics of the character :) ! Who cares about extravagance?!

I then discovered that Alto is the reincarnation of the legendary monkey god (saiyuki anyone ?) and keeps his transport in his pants. Lols.


There were many many pretty costumes around but I didn't managed to get as much photos. Mostly because i long lost faith in my Lumix FS3 to perform under indoor lighting T.T . So yeah, video's the way to go man !

Vocaloid Miku ! Remember her from this tutorial xD ? Yeap, that's our ever kawaii Inuran as Miku from the game version!

Then the Dissidia team arrived. They were so popular I could hardly have any quiet time with them ! People kept requesting to take pictures with them one after another. But with my Haruhi power, i managed to terrorize them into accepting an interview from me :D

With the ever kawaii Reiko cosplaying as Zidane from Dissidia.

I'm seriously wishing I had taken better photos and videos of her that day but the event conditions were so seriously bad it really deterred me from approaching many cosplayers. The aisles were so cramped T_T The cramp-ness was also one of the main reasons why many of my camera footages came out so shaky and erm, not smooth. Simply because there are too many people STANDING behind me at close range(taking photos of the cosplayers-_-;;) while the cosplayer strike their poses for me. I couldn't move backwards much! Either that or I'd have to move very slowly. Just....a lot of restrictions due to the space constraints T_T

Decadence Cosplaying as Terra Branford from Final Fantasy IV. Isn't she pretty =3? I think Decadence really pulled off the semi-eurasian look very well :D Okay fine, so Final Fantasy characters are mostly supposed to be caucasians that seemed to have some teeny weeny asian blood ... or at least they look like they are but.... ok I'm not making at sense @_@;

And she is one crazy costumer! The costume was pulled together within 3 days @_@!!!! *dies* I personally HATE having to be involved in such delirious last minute rush (even though I've done similar acts on multiple occasions =X=||| ) because the output are usually... lesser than I personally hoped for. *emos*

I also terrorized the kawaii Miku to carry out this interview with Cvy on my behalf haha! I am so scary I love myself :D Wanna know more about how cvy did her iron knight costume xD ? Watch below !

you might notice a lethal flaw in this video . . . . It ended very abruptly ! It was so because I was SHOOED out of the way by a random passerby mother! If you strain your ears you'd hear a voice outside asking me "Are you done?" rather rudely. How absurd can these people be ?!!! I ought to have snapped back hard at her but her adamant absurdness shocked me so much it took me 2 seconds to realise what had occurred. By then, my body had already, rather shamefully, moved out of the way.

I feel pretty sad to admit this but STGCC 2009t really unveiled a very ugly side of the local event attendees to me. Don't believe? Check out kanasaiii's camera coverage.

Saw the last scene? What ironic coincidence! Just as we were talking about poor attendee conduct this joker of a balding middle age man comes in, USE our foreign friend's shoulder as a ledge and snapped a photo of cvy half a meter from her face. Talk about conduct, or the lack of it !

I'll end this post here. Check back soon for more hilarious stuffs XD I'm not done yet!!!!


ringo said…
GREAT report, pictures and videos! So fun and high~ I stayed up till 230am to finish everything lol. <3 <3 <3
waninoko said…
LOL on the last vid, what's with the cosworld space eh? kanasaii's cam hit your face already LOL. XD
Hexlord said…
w00t, epic post! XD
Anonymous said…
The guy who took photo of you guys are really a good example.
brandonheato said…
great site! keep up the good work!

happy but also slightly sad to see footage of events and everyone back in sg
coolzbluez said…
wow, that's pretty amazing, like special reporter for cosplay events... really hope ya were here on the last day. This is the performance i told ya about.

Hope ya like it : >

Cheers, can't wait to see more of ya works, if any chance we do some interesting stuff together, here my email

Care and all the best : >
ya amazing!
Anonymous said…
heyo it bull shit number 2 here , lol it's really nice to see some videos than pictures , haha i saw the jecht doing the nobody nobody dance at youtube HAHA gotta say YOU TOTALLY NAIL IT , can't stop laughing when i watch that.
saint seiya said…
Nice work. Keep going because you definitely bring a new voice to this subject. I just ordered these consoles at PIJ! I’m excited! I’m going to have these in week!

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