Moon Prism Power~!!!!!!

So while searching for some information about Kaname I accidentally bumped into a series of Sailor Moon Cosplay video clips on Youtube. Well since I'm here, I might as well do a focus article about everything Sailor Moon!!! After all, who can forget their childhood heroine =)

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon; for the longest time, has been the dream costume if not the first costume of (almost) every female cosplayer (of a certain generation). BSM in my humble opinion most certainly inspired a very big following in the Anime/Manga/Cosplay/Game community. And till date, it still remains as the reigning female Heroine in everyone's heart.

Don't believe me? Try wearing your Shana, Suzumiya, K-On, CCS Sakura, Kagamine Rin, Lucky Star, Jigoku Shoujo, Blood+ or any other Japanese School Uniform costume, preferably those with the Sailor Collar and see/hear every other Tom, Dick and Harry on the road call out to you " Sailor Moon".

See what I mean?

Anyway, I talk too much again. On to the videos!

ChocoLime showed me this video sometime last year and its been on my mind ever since. Not like I think about it every other day but whenever my friends and I get into any Skit stumps I'd somehow get reminded of this awesome skit.

I love how fun this skit seem even though there's nothing comedic about it. And I really marvel at the sheer amount of Stage NINJAS darting around xD. That's the power of a united team, you can make the impossible possible!!!! Speaking of team, apparently Underground Cosplay is an official group of Cosplay friends with their own website and stuffs. Pretty cool huh? I kinda notice Cosplay Grouping is a big thing overseas especially in places like America, Hong Kong and China. It's a pretty interesting twist of the cosplay culture and I think I should do an article about it one day=)

Anyway, more Sailor Moons!

Nooooot exactly the Cosplay we're inclined to expect but uber cute nonetheless. Definitely something for the fan Boys XD! If you don't know, these girls on screen are members of the popular Girl Group; Morning Musume and this is one of their variety programme.

While we're on the track of "Celebrity cosplays" ... here are some unbeatable official ones.

Actress of the Live Action Drama in a Stage Musical. I love how they filled the Senshi's skirts with a similarly coloured CanCan (or Petticoat). It definitely give more the Senshis more stage presences with the extra puffy skirts and at the same time, retains the girl's modesty if you get what I mean =)

Now for some awesome fan stuffs :D

Anime Expo 2007

Cosfest 2008

Photo by Garion.

The enormously amazing group did a pretty awesome skit on Day One of Cosfest 2008. But for some weird reasons, I just couldn't find any videos of it online!!!! It was a LEGS GALORE :D <3>stolen taken from ChocoLime's blog :D

Yuanie and her Sailor Moon team!

They had a series of Picnic pictures told in a very cute story mode. Check it out here!!!!

Stephanie Yanez, a anime/jpop singer performing Moonlight Destiny at Mitsuwa (Don't ask me where that is O_O I live in Singapore, remember?)

Apparently, she is some aspiring(or is she already considered a full fledged singer?) Jpop Singer. Now the catch is, she's totally American, totally Caucasian. How's that for racial harmony XD?

I've only just discovered her channel while searching for Sailor Moon stuffs but I'm pretty wowed by her profile. She seemed passionate and has been doing so much stuffs without the backing of a Label. That's pretty hard work for a solo girl if you ask me =) Check out her website here .

There is just sooo much awesome SailorMoon cosplayers out there that I can't gather together at the moment. I promise, I'll do a better entry next time. At the mean time, if you have any awesome cosplayers you'd like other's to see, leave me a comment ^_^

My favourite Sailor Moon Cosplayer of all time would have to be this little princess. Photo by kyoaku-koibito-Photo


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