AFA Cosplayer Pre-Registration

And we all thought there won’t be any such deal this year! Honestly, I didn’t bother msyelf too much with all these paper works last year so everything AFA is pretty novel to me.

 I really appreciate the thoughtfulness of the AFA committee to actually generously give out  complimentary entrance passes to cosplayers. They probably understood the hard work and pain (see money fly heart very pain) of a cosplayer so they’re giving us cheappo bast**ds dedicated cosplayers a break by cutting our wallet some slack.

Or maybe they just work like the clubs and organize Ladies night for…obvious Cat-and-Mouse reasons. Oh wells, who cares as long as you get to be on the benefiting side :DDDDD?!!!

Below are some excerpt of the requirements.

How to redeem your complimentary ticket at AFA09 as a cosplayer:
1) All cosplayers must register online at AFA09 site to redeem the complimentary ticket.
2) Bring along a printout of your registration form to AFA09 on either/both days.
3) Cosplayers can come on either/both days to redeem your ticket.
    There will be a cosplayer ticketing booth for cosplayers to queue to redeem their ticket for the day.
4) All cosplayers must be in full costume in order to redeem their complimentary ticket
5) Please show your I.C and registration form for verification. Each cosplayer is entitled to ONE ticket per day.
6) There will be a helper/cosplay moderator who will help verify the process.
7) Collection of complimentary tickets will start from 10am, and end at 4pm on both days
8) Cosplayers who want to collect their 2nd day ticket might need to bring another set of print outs of 2nd day costume.

We are happy to giveaway the complimentary ticket(s) if you cosplay as:
Any anime/manga/game adaptation character from Japanese/Western origin.

and Opps... please do not come with...
1) Clothes that resemble everyday clothing
2) ‘Cardboard box’ characters
3) Jackets with anime prints/logos
4) Visual Kei/Gothic Lolita
5) Original Characters
* Other cosplays will be subjected to the AFA09 Cosplay Committee’s approval. Organizer's decisions are final.
No appeals or correspondence will be entertained.

Click ehre to register!

Check out the full details and register here !!!!!!


P/s: Above photo is taken by yours truly of Kazeki and her friend. Anyone care to enlighten me their series/character?


Anonymous said…
Left: Sharon Apple from Macross Plus
Right: Mylene from Macross 7
Shuushuu: Thanks a lot^^!

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