Behind the Scene of "Love is War" Cosplay PV

So you've all seen the awesome PV inuran and Zerartul came up with in my last few posts. Now, get a change in perspective and look at the making of it!

To get the best footages, inuran and team actually re-shot everything 3 times. THREE TIMES OMFG!!!!!!!! Imagine, lugging your costumes, tripods, cameras , make up box, misc photoshoot stuffs out of the house 3 times on 3 seperate days for the SAME PURPOSE/SONG!!!!!!

These videos were taken on the first shoot, which was on a very early saturday morning. You'd notice the abnormally bad video quality and that was because yours truly totally FORGOT to bring her camera that day!
I was supposed to help our Miku with her makeup that day so I kinda only remembered to bring the Make Up box and rushed out T_T.

Left without a choice, I could only film with my crappy mobile phone camera T_T. Very disappointed with myself and the quality of the video but.... oh well at least we have some behind the scene footages. Hope you guys enjoy it! Editing the video and adding those subtitles was a chore!


Dan the Farmer said…
I'd say this is actually normal, to do the same thing three times or more.

As an ex-media student, I learnt that schedule-planning is very important as it cost time and money(think Mediacorp). One scene deemed unfit, it's re-shooting or re-scheduling to do multiple retakes until satisfaction.

I once discussed mildly with Zerartul about this video-making process, and I must say I'm really impressed with the outcome for this video; the camera directions and angles he had gotten? Being his first video, I think he had made very good progress!

I also like how Inuran went all the way out with her body language as Hatsune Miku - frustration, anxiety, anger; I could feel it by watching her. Excellent work, you are another level higher than cosplay; act and become!

Beautiful and artistically done. 5 stars for this!
Dan> Yeah... the professionals have it tough!

Inuran & Gang really did a very good job imho. They actually filmed 3 times on 3 seperate dates. Mostly because after the 1st shoot, they went back and reviewed the footages and found it sub-standard. So they went for another shoot. ANd then another one. XD

So much work!.

Eh, farmer! Let's do a video together too!!!!
Dan the Farmer said…
Hahaha!! If we have as much time as them why not!! :D

Film a vid of my farm? =)))
DAN> AHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHA!!!!! You go cosplay a farmer xD Oops! You're already one XD!!!!!

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