A Cosplay interview with Iron Tager (BlazBlue)

The first cosplayer to kickstart our official Cosplay Interview section; Iron Tager from BlazBlue by Reifes88.

(That epic Sheryl Nome interview  by Dan the Farmer(Alto) is not counted XD)

We met him at the Comics and Games Asia event last month and he came across as a very nice and professional (wud?! )  Cosplayer.

According to him, the entire costume was made by himself! And as you can tell from the video, I sure as hell was surprised. Because male cosplayers mostly only concentrate on making props and weapons and usually leave the dressmaking to the ladies, so that's one surprised card dished out by him XD

What I like about Reifes88 is how dedicated to honing his skills he is, I mean hey, his even someone's understudy xD. He is one of those few cosplayers whose dedication to crafting really comes thgough very strongly. His Iron Tager was also an awe-inspiring sight to behold with its stark red costume and bulky arm weaponry. Much love also goes to his very well built and solid arm props. My favourite part would be detail done to make the fist in those props looks really like ...well., a fist.

Photos by Hidetox

Even though he can't disclose his props making secrets but he definitely gave us an insight into the world of  prop making.

In this interview, he also shares his views about something all cosplayers would have heard of but something that has never really been addressed; Cosplay Politics.

"If you want to make it a business, 
                            make sure you don't Cosplay"

Photo by Everblue

Cosplay Politics. An ever occuring issue in the community yet a topic that seems destined to be stuffed under the table. It is something that EVERYONE is aware of, something that everyone has opinion on but something nobody want/dares to openly talk about.

This is definitely an issue I would like to talk in depth next time. Before that, share what you think about this issue and Reifes88's cosplay here :)

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