Cosplay Make Up?

Michelle Phan aka Rice Bunny teaches us how to do make up for Cosplays. I can't say I'm digging her make up here (a little too...exaggerated for my liking). But I love the message she tried to bring across in her video.

I got to agree with her. Some times the power that make up and a costume give, is amazing. Maybe its a form of escapism or maybe I shall feel protected by the shield of costumes. Quite often, I feel like I can do anything I want and nobody will judge me because well.... Ii'm not Kaika. I'm the character I am cosplaying!I guess its this form of reassurance that make me keep coming back for more.

I also love all the special effect animations of the planets and stuffs.

Snow White anyone?

Peronsally I think she makes one striking Snow White xD! (Oooh I LOVE the music she used here!)


Natasha said…
I'm also mnopxs2 on the youtube site ^^ but I totally watch Michelle's makeup videos like everyday she's sooo cool ^^ The sailor moon was amazing
Natasha: hahah yeah, she's amazing and down right pretty too xD!

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