Fake Lash Sale!

To me, make up is an essential part of cosplay. Sometimes, even the most important thing (after wigs/hair) if you’re talking about plain clothes cosplays.

And one of the most essential thing to cosplayers that are trying to look like 100% perfect and fabulous fictionous character. Would be FAKE LASHES!!!!  Yes you heard me right! FAKE lashes!

Anyway, I think I talked too much again. I just wanna give the Singaporean cosplayers a heads up. A shop in Far East Plaza is selling fake lashes dirt cheap. Like $10 for 10 sets.


Let me re-iterate.









ONE dollar EACH \(OAO)/ !!!

The store carries a wide variety of taiwan/china imported beauty products that well…might look familiar to regular blog spree-ers. If you get what I mean.  But, if you don’t have the patience to wait for your goods to arrive or just enjoy instant retail therapy then the store’s for you.


I am by no means, affiliated with the store or anything. I just wanna share a good deal with everyone =). The pictures above are the set I bought. I deliberately choose the more exaggerated ones for Cosplay purposes =)

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maria-tachi said…
WOW!~ Looks pretty cool ne!!~ I think I saw this before. I think it's pretty great
shuushuu said…
and one advice. fake eyelashes are best thrown after one time use. it's due to the glue. so yup, that's why it's best to buy those bulk cheap ones instead of reusing a $20+ pair
MAria: XD yeah~~

Shuushuu: I always reuse mine > x< !!! oh noes...

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