Fan Cosplay Videos again!

I am back again with yet another scourge from Youtube wahahha xD. I seriously think cosplay videos are the new trend. Along with the accessibility of domestic technology and applications. The opportunity to create and the chance to share is so overwhelming.

Anyway, videos on board~!!!

Vocaloid fandom never fans to amaze me with their creativity and effort! I love how the whole thing ties nicely together. Lovely scenery and special effects :D

Apparently this same video was also uploaded onto NicoNico. And according to reiko, a lot of people responded pretty rudely. Scrutinizing her every portions. Argh…yessss I know why people can feel upset when a human cosplays their favourite character but can’t they wake up to the idea that cosplayers are just HUMAN??!

Anime/manga/game characters are fictitious polygon creations made to be perfect. Its impossible for a human to look like them. Those who do are usually already signed to some labels or companies =P

Did I also mention the fact that our 2d/3d friends wear some of the most unrealistic and impossible clothing?


Naruto cosplay video xD. This is pretty cool though I…really think they should just change the singer =XXX

Anpanman cosplay video!

A little boring for non Anpanman fans like myself but I love how they did everything down to every details ahaha! Its a LIVE ACTION DRAMA!!!!!

CLASSIC! Who haven’t already seen this before xD????  I pity the little sakrua petal =X




And … I saved the best for the last. Check out this epic guy below xD

If you haven’t realize….its the same guy for moon, mercury and mars. And I suspect also for Mamoru and the Queen Beryl (spell?). AHhaha check out his Youtube account for more!!


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