Well… at least we know Alto is straight.

A video proof of his very natural sexual tendencies. I guess its joyous and something worthy of celebrations no? XD

Or would you rather he join Onimusha’s Young Alchemist Oomph Institution Gym? XD

Yes… we all know Armstrong is fabulous and full of win. I’ve got his sticker pasted on my printer xD.

And we also worships the fact that he can morph into our gatsby hairspray donning and love thirsty Bokuto no Ryu. 


3 cans of the goodness if he masters juggling with his feet :D!


Oh yesss~ we love him. Even if his hair is a cockroach hideout! We’d all love to stalk follow him and be involved in his everyday life….. if only there ain’t no bodyguards to get in our way!



Why are all the gays so BEAUTIFUL and have such JUICY lifestyle?!?!?!! And why do they all gather around the same SINGLE GIRL?!?! okay fine, if they are interested in girls I can’t rightfully label them ‘gays’ but ….why the same girls?!?


*shakes head* The mysteries of the Otome Games.

Damn! What’s wrong with this world?!??!


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