Anime Kigurumi

A subset of kigurumi in otaku and cosplay circles is anime kigurumi. In this style of representation humanoid characters are portrayed through the use of masks and bodysuits (the outfit is known in Japan as a zentai) that completely coves the bodies of cosplayers. The performer is known as an animegao or "doller". A doller outfit consists of a full bodysuit, usually in a fleshtone color, combined with clothing and accessories appropriate for the character. A mask covers the head with a wig and perhaps a hat to complete the look. The performer looks through eyeholes in the mask.

Dollers in Japan often perform on stage in promotional events for anime and other film and TV shows (such as Tokyo Mew Mew, a children's program). Though still very much a niche speciality in the cosplay world, this style of portraying a character has become somewhat more popular in Asia since the 1980s and attracts some interest in North America as well. Two of the more well known vendors for doller costume supplies are Dolphin Factory and Build Up Studio SIGMA in Japan.

Because most dollers are men, portrayals of female characters often represent a form of crossplay. A long tradition exists in Japan of male stage actors portraying women on stage, as for many centuries women were not allowed to perform in public.

Kigurumi …. this is something I still don’t quite understand though unarguably good costumes and erm… craftmanship. *shrug*

Anyone’s into this genre ? Anyone can tell me whether are the ones inside the suit usually guys or girls?




Pervert Alien said…
I like your blog o_รณ
Joel said…
the haruhi is cute, the asuka is horrifying, the vocaloids are actually well made but the other ones freak the shit out of me simply because of the group dynamic and sheer numbers.
Pervertalien: Thanks for droppign by xD

Joel: Haha.... they all look a little freaky to me =( Maybe its because they reminds me of 'dolls'.....

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