Kuroishitsuji Cosplay, Eye candy Splash!

The Anime/manga is a very fluid and fickle world. Just like any other forms of ‘pop’ entertainment, if you don’t actively follow up with the trends, you will soon get abandoned behind. And the popularity of a series is most quickly assessed by a walk around a Cosplay Event hall.

Because that’s where people show their love in the most honest and upfront way =)

One of the series to take the cosplay World by storm is “Kuroshitsuji” also known as “The Black Butler”. The  Manga was written and drawn by Yana Toboso, in the sh┼Źnen manga magazine Monthly GFantasy . The manga debuted in October 2006.

But the climax for the series came when it was decided to be animated. The Anime aired in October 2008 on the Tokyo Broadcasting System as well as the Mainichi Broadcasting System. Which is also roughly when the big Cosplay craze started (i think).

So below are some of the awesome Kuroshitsuji Cosplay Photos I have come across online. Hope you will enjoy the eye candy splash! Note that I am not a fan of the series so my POV might be a leeeeeetle different. Don’t put me down for that hokays :D?

The photos come in no special order. 

That Butler, So Useful by ~Mouichi

Lovely costumes! I love how you can see the details of the costumes (Especially Ciel’s) even amidst the low light photo. Love Ciel’s expression and pose too xD

Black Butler by *Yukilefay

Love the ‘spooky’ edit :D! Also love how the red wine brings a sparkling touch of colour to the otherwise monochrome photo.



His butler by ~perhydrol

Cosplayers who bother to find uber awesome locations to shoot at are uber awesome. Nuff said! Special loves to the photographer in keeping both the cosplayer and the backdrop nicely in frame. Wide angle lens?

I also like how sterling silver the buttons look! Great material no :D?




That Butler, So Charming by ~Scootkadoot

I lurvvveee how the fabrics and texture came out in this picture. I also love the shade of Ciel’s wig :D Apparently the cosplayer (ScootKadoot) Made the entire costume by herself from scratch with no pattern. Very impressed *_*

Delicious Treat by ~Scootkadoot

Another photo by the same cosplayer as above. I’m not sure if the colours are authentic to the charcater or not but I absolutely love her wig colour!!! A nice close up where you can see the details a cosplayer have put into bringing the character to life.

And I hate Caucasians for having such defined contours and features! ArgH! They don’t even need to draw crazy eye make up @_@

Kuroshitsuji-Pictures In Red by ~love-squad

Again, I’m loving the backdrop. Chandelier *_* Also loving the simple elegance yet realistic pose of the cosplayer. Posing is SUCH an important thing cosplays yet its so easily screwed. But Love-Squad did a great job here =)

Love how neat and tidy the entire costume is =) Though personally I find the red under eye makeup a little distracting.

Black Butler Ranmao by ~evalime

Definitely not one of the most commonly seen Kuroshitsuji Cosplays. So coming from a non fan POV I can’t comment much on character portrayal and what not. but the details of her costume and the rich tones of the photograph really pulled my attention towards it.

The cosplayer is very beautiful too. The attention paid to all the little details from the Hair tassels, all the way to her make up, sets her apart from the rest.



Madam Red and Grell by our favourite Decadence/ Koshinaka & Kanasaiii. I love the colour treatment here. I know nothing about the series except its smexy Shinigamis. Anyone care to enlighten me the story behind this photo?

Did Grell killed Mdm Red =X??


Black Butler – 01 by ~Kanasaiii

The insane Grell by Kanasaiii. Seeing her in this costume in real life was a killer. You either feel like smacking her or want to jump off some cliff because your stomach hurts from laughing too much.  Seriously, her EYEBROWS are so LOL!!!!!!!

Okay, that aside, I love her wig. And all the accessories on her. Her anal dedication to perfection and details are apparent in the photos =)

The Black Bartender by ~LennethXVII

Lenneth as the smexy butler of the series. The playboy everyone likes XD. Lenneth has fabulous poses as usual and I like the bg used. It somehow gives  it a very apt Jazz feel LOL

  CIRCUS: Now Seating by ~LennethXVII

Love the bg =) I think he yellow tassels did a fabulous job standing out from the dark bg.

Deliri as Madame Red

Hauntingly well done photos along with a storyline. READ IT HERE. Or did the photos come along with the story?

I love the Photo story caption style some cosplayers use. It always make me feel like I’m flipping a photo story of the series/character rather than looking at some human posing in costumes. Of course, no offence to cosplayers who do the normal photos, I’m one of them too *guiltys*.

It’s just that telling it in a short story style really sets a series of photo apart. And when people look at it, due to both the time spent looking at more photos and reading it, they can internalise what was presented. The series and trademark of the character is easily etched into the hearts of the audience within that short time frame.

Maybe next time I’ll introduce a range of such photo stories XD

Back to the photos. A lot of effort was spent setting up the different age and situations. Only with intense passion for the character can anyone do that!

Isn’t the above photo lovely? I love the petal placement and the intense redness of the entire photo.

Deliri as Madame Red

Mdm Red in her youth =) Frikin cute freckles!!




Kuroshitsuji - Red like roses by *Miyukiko

I love the yellowish and somewhat ‘aged artwork’ colour treatment here. Don’t really see Kuroshitsuji photos with this tone of colour. I love the set up! Take a look at the spooky skull head peeking from behind the chocolate cake xD

The cosplayers looked like they were very beautiful themselves. But they blend too much into the background (lovely wallpaper!) and don’t catch my attention as much =\





Kuroshitsuji : Contract by ~neni-chan

Lovely colours and details. I love how the velvet shows up so nicely =) Collage is a nice way to focus attention on different aspect of a costume without seeming too random XD

Also loving how blue the roses look! And lovely cosplayer of course xD


Kuroshitsuji ::13 by *Cvy

I love the special theme of the photo and how artistically shot it is! The texture of the velt in the background with just enough space for the words, and of course, the tassels dangling at ease.

Much credit goes to Cvy for her lovely pose and costume. I’m sure that pose was aching to hold. And the front frills look like a nightmare to fix O_O


More from Cvy. My most favourite (can you put ‘most’ and ‘favourite’ after each other XD?!!) Ciel.

She’s such a cute and TINY one. Ciel her to a T!!


I like ‘normal day clothes’ cosplays. It always feel so refreshing =) And of course, above pic so smackin sexily done! XDXD


Sorry, the first thing I could say when I saw this was ; BOOBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay, I love the light. How it focus on the face and top of the cosplayers. Though I wish a little more light would reach Koshinaka’s character. lol. Sounds weird. Anyway, I love the expression of the characters =) And the little details like tattoos  and sash etc.


koshinaka as Mdm Red in her default outfit. Very very red *_*

-Goodbye...-by ~Jesuke

Pretty Face >m < I love this side profile of her with the rest of the member’s back facing us. Such a simple yet emotional piece. I also love the lighting set up here. A strong key light casting strong shadows and reflecting a quiet somber story.




Kuroshitsuji: N-not there.. by ~xCytheria

Okay “Kuro” Fans, please tell me if this was supposed to be funny? Because it made me LOLed for some reason. I love how the reflection of the face was caught so perfectly on the floor. Lovely eye makeup and wig too!


Okay. So… I’ve exhausted a big portion of your bandwidth for this entry. Banzaii to Broadband! My last 2 sentence contradicts each other @@:

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this candy splash that I’ve tediously put together for all of you! Be sure to come back for more hokays~

Disclaimer: I own neither the photographs nor the series. If any of your works is listed on this page and you are uncomfortable with it. Please email me and I will take it down.


Anonymous said…
<33 all those cosplays and pics are lovely!!
lol yea Grell is a very funny shinigami who's in love with sebastian who completly ignores him xD he is very flamboyant and gay
and yes indeed, early in the story Madame Red is killed by Grell D'8
Anonymous said…
you should watch the series then only comments about these cosplaying pictures.

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