MSN interview with Clive

Yeap~~ another MSN interview with the other Singapore team to represent us at AFA’s regional Cosplay Competition.
Best known for his dedication to Gundam modeling and props making. He is definitely a cosplayer I look up to. With the help of Maria, I got a chance to interview him via MSN. See how he shares his concerns and anticipation for the competition below ^_^!
interview with clive


Evilneo said…
Singing the song live will be better imo compared pre-recorded.

I feel it will give the judges a better impression that u put in alot of effort since pre-recorded stuff generally give an impression tat it might be done with the voices thru others help or the singer is onli lip sync
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evilneo: HMmmm but the difficulty level is much higher wor D: they are cosplayers not singers remember =\?

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