Steampunk Teaser Video

Cosplayed by: CVY, BanditYing, Dan
Video By: Zerartul

Arghhhh this video totally rocked my socks! Hate you girls and guys!

Why are the cosplayers so damn cool?!?!?!?! And I love the 'One Take' style of the video. Must have been quite troublesome to execute.

I'm gonna release the video of Cvy's Steampunk costume soon! And it shows her costume in much more details xD. Look forward!!!!


o--ni said…
WOW the detail of the costume is totally wicked are they making some kinda mtv ?

as for dan
i can imaging her saying

Dan : 我是警察
ok never mind -___-|||
ONI: LOLL!!!! YESH OMG! I think Dan looks damn shuai too xD!

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