Gintama Cosers seem to get the most cracks ! I love how short & sweet this video is xD

As what Reiko said, ”Gintama is the only series where you can make the ugliest expression and get away with it”.

Maybe I should pick up Gintama.

No comments except, Haruhi Suzumiya ish god.

Nuff said. XD


Whimspiration said…
You know so many great cosplayers, I have to ask...

My daugthers and I are new to cosplay, and we would give near anything to know how to get the airbrushed/fake/plastic/CGI look to our makeup. It is the only thing standing in the way of us having picture perfect cosplays.

Is their a particular brand of makeup, a certain style or method of application that makes it so feather-soft?

We're off to buy some circle lenses next, and I'm really hoping you can help with a little makeup advice.

Thanks for your help!
Hi, I'm not sure if my answers will help but. If you're talking about makeup, I suggest getting a good make up base that can really help smooth out the skin underneath for smooth foundation application. I also suggest getting some base with illuminating effect. It will help give the skin a very nice glow. Some loose power also helps to give the smooth effect =)

You can also try using appropriate highlights on the face to give the 'plasticy' look.

There isn't a particular brand I can recommend though. You most probably can't get the asian/local brands I get ^^;

Hope this helps. Though I might have to remind you, a lot of the pretty cosplay photos we see online have been heavily photoshopped. WIll be hard to mimic that in real life =)

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