AFA Day 2: The Anime Quiz

Omg I'm so sorry this entry took so long !! Life , work and video editing really sucked up my already very limited time !

Anyway, so for the 2nd day 2 of the event I was finally free to roam as I wished! Î also finally cosplayed as Mogami Kyoko from Skip Beat!

 DSC_1284 small2Photo by Reiko

DSC_1308   It felt strangely refreshing to cosplay a fairly new and unknown character. i mean, Skip Beat! Hasn't quite caught on in Singapore yet so its still relatively unknown to people outside the community.

   Nonetheless, its still awesome to be doing a character I truly liked =D! And I feel truly delighted every time someone asks for a picture!! It felt kinda like cosplay was a first time to me again =) I'd even go to the extend of asking people who requested for photos with me,  whether they know what series I was cosing from XDDDD!!!!

   That said, I find it a little queer how Skip Beat! doesn't seem to see as much love in the asian continents as much as it does in the western. Is it because of its too plain costume ? *shrug*






Nagato Yuki with…. Vocaloids???

So let me begin my report *cough*

So yours truly was soooooo freakin tired from saturday's standing and late night costume rushing, I only woke up at 11plus. (Yeah, totally missed Kaname's presentation =X ) And set out to do my ' Anime Quiz' props till 2pm. Hailed a cab down town, cooped myself up in the ladies changing till 4pm.

Yes, 4pm, I have a history of doing that *resigned and melancholy sigh*

And OMG, I had thought Saturday was already super  crowded but Sunday was WAY WORSE!!!! Level 3 was totally swarmed! I think I've never seen that place so packed before O_O'''

Dan, Ying and Cvy cosplaying as Alice in Wonderland steampunk version.

The main highlight of the day for me was my anime quiz ! I had tediously put together a file of 10 anime questions for people to answer and juge how high they fare in their Otaku-ness. I managed to get 8 very gamely cosplayers to play with me, watch their complied videos below!

Oh, highly recommended for you to play the game along with us and test your own otaku level xD

Hahaha, I found it amusing how you can totally tell the generation the cosplayer was from just by his/her answer =X.

It was actually kinda awkward trying to start the game because I don't think anyone has done this in SG before and I had a lot of hesitations. Which was the biggest reason why I only did the prop on the day of the event itself. I went to bed telling myself I’m not gonna do this nonsense but…. as you can tell, I’m a VERY fickle minded person >. < U And the project proves to be a killer for the video editor (fyi me). My program hung so many tiems while doing this=_=U

Because the cosplayers were just TOO cute, I've decided to put up the raw videos of them here! 

With Xrys who was cosplaying Araragi Koyomi from Bakemonogatari. My first victim of the day! *evil laughs*. Many thanks to Sakana for helping me with the camera! Super grateful~ ;_; From the video you might see a lot of scenes with me going all hot and bothered and screaming at some unknown target off screen. Let me explain my behavior, I don’t want to get mistaken as a raving crazy b*tch lol.

Basically, if  you watched the complied clip, you’d have realise that there were actually a gang of 5 people facing us while we played the game. And they KEPT GIVING XRYS ANSWERSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The very very gamely Mintos and Envy cosplaying as Kagamine Rin & Len from the Vocaloid series. not sure which version they are doing though, there’s too many @_@;;

Anyway, they are the only pair that scored the highest without any external help xD I was really surprised at how easily they flew through the entire quiz xD!!!

The absolutely kawaii Shugo Chara group! I think I half forced them to join me hahaha poor things =X We had accidentally crossed path while i was on my way to meet another friend at level 4 when one of them called out to me and insisted on a photo with me (skip beat! fan yaysss \^o^ /!!)

They are really cute and very very gamely xDDDD

My last victim hohoho ~~ Jesuke cosplaying as the ever sexy Litchi (lychee anyone one =X?) from Blazblue!! Many many thanks to Reiko for volunteering to be my cameraman! She had so much to juggle (time schedule wise) but she still insisted on helping T_T Veryyy touched lah!

Jesuke is such a black horse in pulling jokes!  Seriously, for those of you who have met her before would know how quiet she usually is but she totally rocked this video clip with those boobie gestures and exaggerating statements xD !

I think I’ll put the photo entries on another page for another day. For now, enjoy !!!


skye said…
I love the vids~~ they're so lol <3

Makes me miss going to Singapore events >.<
Hexlord said…
Awesome coverage... keep up the good work!
Anonymous said…
The expression on the cosplayers face are priceless and seeing them answering the question seriously really make the video a little "touching"? I'm not sure what word to used but then it's something very new and also interesting to watch

Your cosplaychronicle does help to entertainment and enlighten us with some of the anime information.

Anonymous said…
Ringo desu. I got 9/10!!! <3 *proud of being an Ota-jo*

SO CUTE!!! I love your editing to bits KAIKA! And love your ideasssss <3 Very creative!
allkhe said…
stumbled by this blog, you've got great entries. Had a great time reading through them! I don't get the 'anime quiz' last question on the 87 frogs though.
skye: XDDD

Hexlord: Thanks!

Maria: awww glad u had fun reading ;3

Ringo: hurhurhurr! Otajo~~ thx for e compliment on my editing. it was really tiring to get them together

allkhe: thanx for dropping by =) Glad u liked this blog =) Which part do you not understand about the frogs ^^?
xrysx said…
com'on... i really do know most of the answers. i can't help it if the pplz in front wana gimmi hints right? i'm too popular >:p

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