AFA: My day as a CosPa Booth Cosplayer

As you guys already know, for AFA Day One, I was with the CosPa/KKnM booth, working as their booth cosplayer/model.

So I just got some photos from the Booth’s official Photographer, Valefor and thought I’d share some photos with you guys because…. I’m sure no one else would have these xD Many many thanks to Valefor for allowing me to post these photos here, much magnanimous attitude yeah :D?

Anyway, nuff talk. On to the photos!

Start of the first day! The Booth workers are all catching a short breakfast before the event doors open to welcome a gushing stream of excited fans!



Booth models/cosplayers of the 1st day strikes a pose with the booth before the mad gush! I’m not inside because I was late TT___TT

And the mad queuing begins!! These people are really happy to be here man! Look at the grins xD

AFADay001_0061 AFADay001_0069
Seriously…the queue just goes on and on its quite scary!

The CosPa booth was also selling DC Figurines :D I love the side merchandise they sold there. There were mini socks, school shoes and even UNDERWEAR HOMG CRAZEE JAPANESE >O!


The detail and quality of the figurines amazes me. I’ve never been a fan of figurines and dolfies but the dedication to minute details in these babies here made me raise my brows in surprise.


Shit. I forgot the objective of this post was to blog about my experience as a booth model/cosplayer. Digressed, piesay.


Well, it was pretty swell. The whole experience as a Booth Girl I mean =)

Asuka Punch!

And hanging out with the other booth cosers for such a long time really allowed us to know each other better. We fooled around a lot.

Asuka: Why are you cuter than me?! *punches you*

Okay,I fooled around a lot. The other girls pretty much just tolerated my randomness and played a long.

Chocolime’s always so In character ~ Gotta give it to her xD!

The job itself, no joke, was freaking tiring. And I mean it physically!!! Near 7 straight hours of constant standing is no joke. Anyone who works in the retail service line should understand our pain. Thank goodness for me, Asuka wears flat comfortable school shoe (which happens to be my shana/Haruhi shoes xD)

The strain on the feet was really bad and for the most part of the job, I felt like a useless vase. Simply because, other than garnering attention to the booth and allowing people to take photos of me….there was nothing else I could do. Oh, we gave out flyers too… but even that wasn’t much of a challenge.

But meh… I really shouldn’t/can’t complain more about a job that pays me to look pretty yeah?

Getting the crowd’s attention for the game! Kawoo ish sooo cute here!

The best part of the job was the Ja-Ken-Pon Games


We all really enjoyed playing the games with the crowd. And we were all counting down to the next session!


Well, we didn’t really play with the crowd except I personally did once. but that was because we didn’t managed to get an even number of participants.


I really liked how this job allows me to look at our local community/fandom in another angle. And I love rallying for attention and participation for the games. Make me feel like I’m back in highschool or something hahaha!

The games really helped to kick us back alive because like I said, for most part of the job, we were just randomly standing around feeling rather bored.

Day One’s first Winner emerged! Yeays~

ChocoLime as Kamikita Komari from little Busters!
Kawoo as Yui from K-on! 
Inuran as Black Rock Shooter
Myself as Asuka Langley from Evangelion

Back to the part about giving me different perspective.

I love observing the different reaction/expression on the crowd’s face when we were doing the game. Some took a lot of coaxing to participate, some were awkward but secretly keen on playing while some were very upfront with their desire to play.

By the 2nd game (which was at 2pm), there were already people coming up to ask when the next game would be and express regrets about missing the previous session.


That was pretty heartening to me =) Firstly it kinda in a very indirectly way meant we did a good job hyping the crowd up.


And the genuine smiles on their faces when they played gave me a huge pat on the shoulder =)

It made me felt sincerely happy that these people who shared the same fandom as me, shared the same country as me and high likely, shared the same worries, anxieties, unhappiness and life stresses as me, was able to to drop their worldly fatigue and social restrictions and enjoy themselves once in a while .

Yes, I know, I think too much =_=||


In case you don’t know, the CosPa booth is a partnership with the true blue CosPa Company. And here we are posing with the CEO of CosPa.

Other than fatigue, the other part of the job that took some toil on us was hunger! We have our lunch breaks yeah, but being constantly on your feet meant you burn more energy. So yeah, you get the point.

There was a part where Chocolime suddenly popped out from the baggage room with a lollipop and PockY. HOMG FOOD!!!!!!


And we all pounced on to it !!! *snatch*


I don’t remember how I seemed to have lost the battle……


But mweh. *flaps hand*

And I don’t remember what the hell was I doing at that time to be caught in such an unglam and FUNNY position! LOLS. Valefor must be a genius at stalking. LOLs, Valefor go be a PI!

AFADay001_0131Asuka Camwhoring with Hetalia! Dan was so shuai :D

Then again, being ugly is nothing new to me. I’m constantly doing OOC stuffs which i really shouldn’t but mweh=_=. Please don’t flame me hokay….. I’m just having fun :P

AFADay001_0130 And the Yui half heartedly decides to offer poor starving Asuka some pocky. About time too!


AFADay001_0127Asuka chews on pocky!

Another dig I have with the job was the wake up time. We had to be ready by 9:45am and that is a difficult task for someone who needs near 2 hours to get ready. *diiess*

Oh, and because of the job, it was also the first time I reached AFA so early in the morning. And I witnessed for myself the MASSIVE crowd waiting to go in!!!!

It was honestly freakin scary and I HATE crowded places!!!  Plus, I couldn’t make out exactly which gate was the entrance and couldn’t push myself through the crowd to find out either! In the end, I could only enter the event hall along with the crowd . It felt like we were some 3rd world country citizens with a starving tummy queuing up for rations =_=|||.


The Cosplay Booth models/Cosplayers for Day 2 !

ChocoLime as Asakusa Nemu from Da Capo II !
Ringo as Tsumugi from K-on! 
Inuran as Black Rock Shooter 
Chocolime as Asuka Langley from Evangelion
Sorry…. I have no idea what the other two ladies were cosplaying as =/


Pretty babes! Chocolime looks so dulan here xD


Oh! And I gotta commend on the KKnM & CosPa Booth workers. They sure put in a lot of effort to make sure everything was orderly and unchaotic. I take my hats off for them=)



One of KKnM’s Owner with Danny Choo. Apparently they are friends. So maybe that explains why Danny Choo’s booth is just beside KKnM and CosPa’s Booth. And I guess that’s also why Danny Choo was willing to come over to the booth to play Jan-Ken-Po with us.


Danny Choo and Alodia plays Ja-Ken_pon with us at AFA!


Ashley and Alodia with Danny Choo. I think they were cosplaying Danny Choo’s website mascot :D


I heard they came back to the booth again on day2! :D


She is really beautiful isn’t she =)! Though I’d much preferred it if she didn’t use such shiny material for the costume . A little glaring with flash.

Okay, I digressed again…… my lids are shutting so I’m off to bed. Hope you peeps had fun reading/watching the pics. See how fun the CosPa and KKnM booth is xD? Not only do you get authentic Japanese merchandise, you can also play exciting games , win prizes and catch celebs like Danny Choo, Alodia and Ashley! So yeah, look out for us again at the next AFA XD!!!

Omg. this post is starting to sound so commercial/advertorial like. Whatever, good nights!


Anonymous said…
The photos were nicely taken and really great reading the post cause it looks so happening.

Miss out quite a lot on the booth and guess you and others have fun ne!!!~
Angel said…
Tiring is an understatement. But what the heck, let's do it again!
Clive said…
Looks fun ne! Next time if I am not so "weighted down", I will join in the fun too!

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