Macross frontier: Ranka Lee!

And so yea, Yukie Dong’s amazing performance below made me started scouring for MF Ranka’s video. Gonna share some of my awesome finds with you guys xD
Here’s the absolutely adorable Aya from our very own Singapore! Another awesome work from Zeratul again =)Had been wanting to blog about this PV but never got the chance to xD. I love the soft lighting here.
Got a good kick imagining how they could have done the filming at that place without getting shooed off xD

The most professional PV yet? Love the setting though I find those dance scenes with another photographer’s hand inside kind of …….disturbing. idk.
Nevertheless, very cute smile and costume. Not loving the dance performances though ^^;

A pretty innovative idea; singing and recording live at a KTV Room. In case you don’t know, KTV Lounges are  very prevalent in Japan.
Nice voice and really cute face but not so impressive dance ^^;

Found a familiar face! Jill from Singapore, in case you don’ know , she was Singapore’s World Cosplay Summit 2009 representative!

An impromptu performance by Katrina from Philippines. She is just AWESOME here.
Not only was this performance a last minute arrangement, she was also brave enough to do that head bumping thingy onstage just to be in character. YES!! that head bumping thing was deliberate xD. I can never be soooo in character T_T
And yes, anyone who can sing and dance, in harmony and synchronized  gets my vote anytime. 

Oops! Realise I forgot to pimp this video here. Introduced by maria darling xD. Katrina looks absolutely alive here !

Yes, its the same person as above.

Wheee our very own Sakana doing the nyan nyan dance :D

Did I scared you with this :P?

Alright, to make up for the scare above, here’s something kira kira to heal your soul. 
Not exactly Cosplay PV but it has some very lovely Ranka pictures inside. I especially love the 3rd one at 0:03. Very creative CG .
Okay, that's all for now. Byebyee folks!!!!


Anonymous said…
I personally Love Jill's gesture. Very nice and graceful desu~
Clive said…
Now, that is a lot of Rankas!

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