Random Cosplay Tip #1: Visual Checklist

Hi peeps! This is a new segment I’m introducing to TCC! As the title implies, its basically a section where I share random Cosplay tips with you guys. I won’t be covering tutorials here , just sharign some pointers on how to make your Cosplay life easer =)

First tip to kick start the section would be ; Keeping a visual checklist! If you’re as much of a hayhead as I am, you’ll find this list a lifesaver! I’ll elaborate more about that later.

To start the checklist, you first draw out the character you are cosplaying one a piece of paper and label each individual portion of the costume as I did below. You can trying printing if doodling’s not your forte.

Chang Wu Fei !

I realise it helps to number the portions. Also, remember to include any subsidiary items to bring along, for example: make up, hair net, hair bands or hair pins. I ALWAYS forget to include my hair net along with my wig and trying to wear a wig without that is horrendously difficult!

8thNov08_-_ShamanKing 070

Oh, as for why I think this list is a lifesaver… I’ll keep the tale short. I ever once travelled an hour to a Cosplay event only to realise………………………………………… I left my costume at home T_T. The ENTIRE TOP I ironed and left to hang at the living room !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So yeah, I had to run all the way back home to take it. Not only was it a total waste of time, it was also a killer on the wallet (took a cab T_T)


Just thought you guys might find these funny XD


Hexlord said…
Haha cute sial the drawings. XD
cosplay lover said…
wow, very good drawings. :) Happy holiday!

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