Taiwanese Cosplay…… NOT!

If I label these as taiwanese Cosplays I think the Taiwan Cosplayers might arrange an assassination for me hahaa. But that aside, I wanna share this group of videos of a Taiwanese variety show with you guys.

What’s happening here is basically, a group of normal girls who are in some sort of semi-idols competition for the show are requested to cosplay. And then a panel of Otakus are requested to judge them. The winner (the girls I mean), will win a set of cosmetic products.

Honestly, in my opinion, I don’t really want to consider this as ‘cosplays’ because of the lack of love and fandom effort which I have grown so accustomed. But I guess the cruel fact is, anyone donning a costume IS a cosplayer. AT least they bothered to do up the hair and make up. Albeit some of the hair is so *palms forehead*


I like Sailor Mars here. Pretty xD. As for the Suzumiya…..she’s a  little too..subdued for my liking =( And don’t get me started on the hair.

But nonetheless, pretty faces yes =)

Wooo the neko girl is pretty IC.

Can any Chinese speaking fan of Code Geass tell me if what the cosplayer/girl said is true? About C.C’s quote that has something to do with snow.


Anonymous said…
Card Captor Sakura one was actually really great : D

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