Takashimaya’s Mini Anime Fair!

Oh no! I hope I’m not too late to blog this entry and you guys can still catch it this weekend! Anyway, the day before yesterday I actually went for a little after-work chill with Maria at the bustling Orchard. We went to the usual Kinokuniya and then spiralled down to the basement of the mall.

Erm, if you guys don’t know the mall I’m referring to. Just FYI, its Takashimaya.

JIM_7833(Speaking of takashimaya…I reallllly should upload the tonnes of awesome fun pics reiko, decadence and I did for our Ouran host club there. Would you guys wanna see the photos here ._.?? ) 

As usual, the middle opening(what do you call that…space??)  is bustling with some sort of fair/event. The Takashimaya folks really knows how to ultilise every single space. We didn’t pay much attention to it until our eyes spotted some Shakugan no Shana and Code Geass wall hangers from afar. *Otaku alert*

Anyway, we went down and saw an alarming stock of UP TO DATE anime merchandise selling for a division of the price at AFA 2009!!! We were both really puzzled… how can a local general & high end Shopping Mall be so attuned to the trends of the Anime world and bring in such new series merchandise?. It was then it hit us that these stuffs were probably leftovers from AFA =_=;;;

I’m going to let the pictures do the rest of the talking. Didn’t bring my camera that day so everything is taken with my Nokia E72. Really should have taken the pics in higher res *mumbles to self*

Human size gundam! 

First thing spotted, A human size gundam!!! veryyyyyy AFA.


The Anime Corner!



Domo and Anime Mugs selling for just $9.90 !!!

 16122009186 16122009187 16122009189 16122009185

There’s even a Honey & Clover Mug *screams*!!!!!!!


Then there’s the Domo-Kun corner XD

16122009182 16122009191

Domo T-shirt! This one very cute lei ;_;


And of course there were Anime Tshirts too! Sorry I forgot to check out the price =X


Fabric wall hangers. Absolutely love the dynamism of this FMA poster. So cruel, so dark yet so beautiful.


I.S Figurines O_O;;; I didn’t know this series still had supporters =X Apologies to any existing fans out there and also…sorry for not checking the prices out. From the fuzzy capture on the photo, it seemed like they were priced at $54+


Codea Geass, Toradora and Suzumiya Haruhi cushion!!!! The anime merchandise there were really pretty UP TO DATE O_O!!!  *eyes in bewilderment*

They were also selling those sushi and pastries making toys we found at AFA. But sorry, no piccies again =X


The best find for me was probably this. VVVVErrrrryyy tempted to buy this just for cosplaying Shana…


Angel said…
That gundam has been there since early November....
Hexlord said…
I want that melon pan!!!

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