CNA - Cult to Culture (Cosplay Documentary)

SO my last post shared this local cosplay drama that focuses on the impact of "Cosplay" to teenagers.

I thought it will be the best chance to share with you guys this documentary CNA produced. Channel News Asia has always prides itself for it's deep insights, keen sense and high quality news productions. This documentary styled series of theirs focuses on sub-cultures. And yes, this episode focuses on our beloved hobby; Cosplay.

The video is a playlist of the 5 parts video uploaded by Jonnyfyy.

EDIT: If the player does not work for you, click HERE to watch instead. It should auto play the 5 videos.

A very insightful video. I'm really impressed by how deep the production team has researched. Their understanding of the hobby took me by surprise =)

Not only is the information deep, the perspective was also very un-biase. The interviews with the different people/roles who make up the community pieces together a very complete and unique picture. Unlike most of the Cosplay documentaries I've watched, which mostly focus on just Cosplayers, this documentary really opened up the horizon, gives a lot of insights, make you take a step back and quietly go "Wow. I never realise it was so. "

I walk away from the video knowing more about 'Cosplay' as an industry in Japan =)


MyCosplayRoom said…
I agree that the documentary is really an insightful one. Never know that Cosplayer are not allow to walk home in their costume in Japan.

Hence, we are pretty fortunate as well cause we can just wear our costume to the event, on bus/mrt etc.

Btw, saw Skye and Jill. Haha
DcastEye said…
Oh, I never thought japanese cosplayers were so hardcore. But it also makes me try harder for next cosplay :)

I guess I can be happy that people outside the cosplay group just stares a bit.

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