How to go Akibanana Maid Cafe (Singapore)

So I said I'll maybe try to take photos of the path to akibanana and …here they are! Was around the area today and managed to squeeze some time out of my schedule to take these. Am I dedicated or what xD!

To get there, you alight at the nearest MRT station, Tanjong Pagar MRT and turn left from the control station.

Go towards Exit A.

turn left from the control station.



You'll go up 2 escalators and exit from the station by turning left again.


Turn left out !


Follow the path and cross the zebra crossing.


Walk down the path with big trees lining the sides.


Continue walking down the path. At the direct front of the path (and you) is what looks like some HDB market and a very tall double tower condominium behind.

19012010480 19012010478

Turn right, following the path.


This is roughly the scenery you’ll see.


Walk down the path.


Continue to walk until you see some old shophouses.


Try to look out for the Neon Pink “Cola Spa” Signboard



And there it is! Nestled right in between The New Harbour Cafe and Cola Spa. Almost impossible to miss :D Just look out for the “Cola Spa” Signboard ^_^

Hope you guys found this useful! Bookmark this page just in case you get lost, then you’ll be able to check with your mobile or whatever wireless enabled surfing device.


MyCosplayRoom said…
Yeah!!~ THis is very useful when I want to go again :D
.:decadence:. said…
haha omg I know where now! haha wah very informative babe! great job! XD

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