Korean Cosplay

Chocolime just pimped me this uber awesome Sailor moon Cosplay by this group of Sailor Moon Cosplay team in Korean.

Just awesome O_O. I love how everyone performed so well, almost professional standard no? And everyone looked the part! Lovely slender figures and height accurate! And those fighting moves are so beautifully choreographed and executed! The flips and falls are nicely done too  *_*!!!!!

Just in case you guys have never seen the WCS 2007 Korean team. Here’s a pimp.
They did D’Gray Man and stunned everyone with their martial arts move. I’d easily have placed them in my top 3 list of winners ahaha. But oh wells, me am no judge.

Wooo, have new found respect for korean cosplayers!!!! O_O


Lenne said…
I love that WCS team!!!!!!
Damn impressive la!

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