Meeting Kaname!

Alright, obviously this is very back dated. Hadn't wanted to show you guys this but since it was requested so I …thought why not?
A few of our foreign friends who had came to Singapore for AFA were flying off the following Monday. Same day as Kaname. And if you're wondering how I knew.... Hehehe I have connections. *winks*

Bakkwas are my eternal lovessss

I have a strong sense of patriotism and really wanted our foreign friends to like Singapore plus bring back something to remember. So I bought them some cheapskate souvenirs and Bakkwas. I love Bakkwa! And all foreigners should try it xD it's very similar to beef jerky.

When we first got there I was told we can't meet Kaname anymore because they are tightening the security. And I was like , " Oh, guess I'll have to keep the Bakkwa  to myself then". But with the assistance of reiko dearest, we were given the chance to meet him for a short while. Whee!

Gotta give it to him (Kaname)  for being so professional and keeping up with his image. Look at how he's in full make up and wig attire! And this guy is boarding a 9hour plane flight in half an hour!!!

He was very very nice and all. Very accommodating and all servicing hahaa. I think he must be really used to all these fangirling xD

In this video, Kaname was signing his autograph for Ching but his trusty markers ran out of ink (too much fangirls xD! ) and so he told her to ‘wait for a while’.

After tama and Ching had their signatures it was my turn to pass him my gifts. I seriously ought to have taken a pic of those before passing him but.... That idea totally escaped my mind then. Anyway if you're curious, i got him a small pack of air compressed and individually packed pork Bakkwa . A pack of fried shrimp rolls and 3 postcards with images of famous Singapore tourist spots printed on it.

P1090585 copy
And to further address any curiosity, NO I DIDN’T write anything on those cards. No, I didn't put any additional kawaii notes/cards/emails either !!!!! *palms forehead*. Decadence was like asking me,  whether if I wrote anything on those cards and I was like

"eh O-o? But if i write he won't be able to use them already". 

And she totally gave me that silent stumped look. Epic failz Kaika is epic failz ... but that's me =/
 day2_AFA_Nov09 032 Reiko as the super sexy Meiko! I have an interview vid of her and her absolutely lovely cosplay!
Its coming soon! I hope…..

Oh and of course, I got my chance to chat with him while I gave him my present. Much thanks to reiko for being my lovelllyyy translator. If it wasn't for her, nothing intelligible would be transmitted to our dear kaname san ToT.

I asked how was his impression of Singapore and was surprised to hear his immerse interest and fondness of the island. Apparently he really enjoyed his time in Singapore despite his water tight schedule and being too mobbed to tour the event halls. I’m guessing he wasn’t expecting such a warm welcome from the local cosplayers/media and probably didn’t expect such a tiny island to be overflowing with so much cosplayers/actions!

I’ll give it that most Japanese are just really nice and erm … politically polite. But I can sense the sincerity and enthusiasm in his replies so yeah, I think he really meant it ^_^. Guess we all did a fantastic job making our foreign guest feel welcomed huh ^_^! Now who said Singaporeans are unfriendly???!!!

He was very nice and thanked me for the gifts. Was really happy when his face lit up upon hearing that fried prawn rolls were among the gifts. Haha, seems like the Bee Cheng Hiang shop assistant gave me a very good  suggestion indeed xD

(OMG! Bee Cheng Hiang has online shop to sell these! They even have a FACEBOOK ACCOUNT !!! )

I had initially only gotten him and my thailand friends a small pack of Bakkwa each. But as I placed the packed Bakkwa into the bright yellow plastic bag … I just couldn't fight off the guilt of how pathetic it looked for a gift. And so I tearingly requested for the shop assistant to suggest me something affordable and suitable for a Japanese tourist. And according to her, their number one selling product to Japanese tourist were the fried prawn rolls. So I ordered a $5 pack lor.

Urgh, I digressed. This is not kaika's Bakkwa journey =_=. Gomen.

Anyway, kaname thanked me and invited me/us to visit his butler cafe if we ever visit japan. And mentioned briefly maybe AFA 2010 will have their butler cafe haaha. But nothing's confirmed and I'm just going to take that piece of news as hearsay =)

Okay, that’s all folks! I’m off to sleep! Please comment if you liked this entry, I need the energy boost to continue to make this blog work ^_^ !!


tama_tar said…
Hey! Kaika, :D
Thanks for your Bakkwa & everything!! I wish I could go back to Singapore again.
It's not boring because of you guys, seriously. ;)
Oh, and thanks for the vid too! Ching will be very glad. XD I miss you all (and our lovely translator - Reiko).
See you again!!!
evilneo said…
Lol, he got say the butler cafe's name or not? I think many ppl will wan to noe
MyCosplayRoom said…
Nice entry you have on Kaname ne!!!~

It's really good that you thought of giving him some nice bakkwa cause that definately will let him remember some nice food that singapore have.
Soh said…
Wow, nice recommendation! I'm also thinking of something to get my Japanese teachers when I go over in March and thought of bak kwa. So. Fried prawn rolls also good eh?

Tama: HEy babeee!!! Glad you liekd the Bakkwas xD! Come to Singapore soon!!!

Neo: dunno lei he didn't mention

Maria: ^_^

Soh: Yeah seems like a pretty good option=)

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