MY WORLD (Cosplay on TV!)

Heyo peeps! I'm sure most Singaporean cosplayers would have already heard. Two of our local beauties acted in a local short drama about Youth and Cosplay. 


Sakurazaki as Sheryl Nome

16aug09_ToyCon_Day2 100

Vic as Ranka Lee

Okay that pic was ugly. Post a nicer one from her DA.


I don’t usually watch TV so I only managed to catch the last 15minutes of it. Much thanks to Shadow Phantom (He complained “shadow” sounds very awful-_- ;; )  Neo for asking me to check TV out that day xD


I like the “blogging” style of the entire film and definitely loved how truth-to-facts and positive the entire drama portrayed Cosplay. Yes people, Cosplay’s not just about vanity, attention attracting and show-offy. It’s about the hard work, the concentration, the perseverance, the love, the craft and the admiration for the character.

I loved how they showed the process of cloth buying, drafting, sewing and STARVING for cosplay. HAhaha! Sounds like a very familiar rubric huh XD?

Much apologies for the insanely bad quality. Tv shows was never meant to be recorded like this and my old Tv is old. So yeah…. nobody at home really cares about the TV nowadays xD.

*thumbs up for both ladies* Great work girls ^_^!!!


EDIT:  OMG!!! Someone actually posted on youtube already!!! Loveeeeeeeeee technology! Watch here for the full episode! Fail kaika is fail!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Anonymous said…
I did dropped 4 tears during the show. I was showing yesterday on youtube cause saw Usagi's LJ
MyCosplayRoom said…
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MyCosplayRoom said…
The Anonymous is me. Maria. Something wrong with the navigating to LJ so I put Anonymous
.:decadence:. said…
The girls did a great job throughout!! Great documentary! Love how everything is like a story! very well done! Thanks girl for posting it up!! <3

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