OTACOOL 2 – Worldwide Cosplayer

Woots~ Much thanks to Kheldar for pimping me the link! Danny Choo have published a shortlisted list of the cosplayers going into the book (OTACOOL 2)

The deadline still stands at February 14th. So hurry and send in your entries if you haven’t yet!

Click here !!



(Sorry for the lack of other Cosplayer’s photo. I didn’t felt it was right for me to grab those pics and put them here. Copyright =\ )

Sigh… I really hope this won’t be the only photo of me they put. I mean, if I only get one photo space I’m alright with it and will be very honored. I just hope they’d choose other more “Shana-ish” photo >.< *Prays*


Amirul said…
Hexlord said…
Other Shana-ish photos? XD

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