Otacool 2 !!!

And so, with the success of the book depicting pictures of the rooms of Otaku's around the world,. Danny Choo has come back with the idea of having a book full of Cosplayers from all over the globe!


What is Otacool 2?

Kotobukiya is pleased to announce the arrival of OTACOOL 2: WORLDWIDE COSPLAYERS in April 2010! In collaboration with Danny Choo and the Internet's largest cosplay destination Cure, OTACOOL 2 promises even more stimulating and groundbreaking content. In keeping with the same concept of "OTAKU is COOL", the next volume of OTACOOL will focus on cosplayers from around the world!

Remind me what Otacool is

In November 2009, Kotobukiya released the milestone publication OTACOOL: WORLDWIDE OTAKU ROOMS in collaboration with Danny Choo. Gathering international media attention, this publication received critical acclaim for its CGM (Consumer Generated Media) approach, where content is created through the Internet in collaboration with numerous fans and readers.


How do I become part of this bodaciousness?

If you are a cosplayer and want to be in the book, please go to figure.fm and signup for an account.
Then submit the following using the uploader.

  • Your cosplay photos - Full body, upper body, head shots (2 or more of each)
  • Name (including dannychoo.com Nick Name)
  • Age
  • Country of residence
  • Years of cosplay
  • Favorite cosplay character
  • Your website/twitter or facebook link
  • Brief statement

So for example:-

Name: Danny Choo
Age: 102
Country of residence: Japon
Years of cosplay: 50
Favorite cosplay character: Any oppai character
Your website/twitter or facebook link:
Brief statement: Identify and live your passion and the rest will just follow - it always does.


Important stuff!

  • Please tag all your entries "otacool, otacool2, otacoolcosplay" (copy n paste everything between the quotes)
  • If you forget to tag your entry with the above tags then your original photos are *not* saved on the server. We need high res photos (less than 3MB each) for printing so make sure you add those tags when you upload your photos.
  • You *must* add those tags when you upload your photos and not after!
  • Also, we will be looking at entries that are only tagged with "otacool, otacool2, otacoolcosplay"
  • Upload all images in a single post! On your first upload you can only add one photo but after you hit "save" then you will see a thumbnail of your photo with "manage images" - click to add more photos.
  • If its your first time posting, your photos dont appear on the top page until your account has been approved which is usually within 24 hours - sometimes within minutes.
  • Submissions are *open now* and you got until mid Feb but we may close submissions earlier if there are a load of entries.
  • There are 24 empty slots on the cover for your face! The quicker you submit your photos, the higher the chance of you being on the cover because we need the final cover for marketing purposes. 
  • There will be Otacool events held worldwide. Depending on the area you live in, if you are in the book then you will most likely be invited to the event.
  • Incredible cosplayers are very most likely to live their passion by working with other top brands in Japan on other projects.


To submit, CLICK HERE !!!!

day2_AFA_Nov09 033
My petrified expression. The Victory sign was a failed attempt to look less shocked. lulz

I’m still wondering if I should submit mine or not. As a worldwide submission also means a worldwide competition . *Shivers and hides in cupboard*

Oh! Other than Cosplays, Otacool is also looking for illustrators to draw Danny Choo’s Site Mascot! So, illustrator/Artist, do check it out yea?


Angel said…
Why not? As an avid coser, it is your duty to sign up! XD

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