Soy’B 2010! Photo Spammage!

Wheee! Soy’B is over before I realise!

Had to reach earlier due to my joining the Karaoke Competition, more talk about that in my next post perhaps. The day was very cursed for me. Not only did I left my home without my wallet (and thus having to waste time walking back for it) , I also forgot my extra camera batteries,SD Card and fake lashes. *palms forehead* I can’t even start describing how big a blunder that was. No wonder my make up case felt so light u_U Felt really awful without my fake lashes and had to literally cake my lids with black eyeliner and dark eyeshadows.

I’ll stop blabbering for now and go on to the photos!

30jan10_SOYB 013

Recognise them xD? They were cosplaying Shugo Chara from AFA last year!

30jan10_SOYB 008

30jan10_SOYB 015

Another Kagamine Len =)

30jan10_SOYB 017

Songster and Richard cosplaying SWAT !!!! Kudos to photographer turned cosplayers XD!!

30jan10_SOYB 023 

Yuffie from Final Fantasy 7!!

30jan10_SOYB 028

Dynasty Warrior?? A pity I didn’t managed to get any pics of her with her props/weapons. Apparently she had been holding them for a long time and was very exhaustedXD

30jan10_SOYB 027

Kuroshitsuji! Makes me feel like picking up the series sia…

30jan10_SOYB 032


30jan10_SOYB 033


30jan10_SOYB 034

Vampire Knights!

30jan10_SOYB 037

Lovely posing and expression!

If I were a man , I’d gladly go to the depths of flames and ocean for this damsel in distress xD

30jan10_SOYB 038

There’s so manyyyy vocaloids that day! Here’s a cute miku with foam leeks for you ^^

30jan10_SOYB 041 

Glad to see the fandom is still burninggggg. To the Haruhi cosplayer, thanks for following this blog too T_T!

30jan10_SOYB 045

Black rock shooter Miku and Kaito (shit can’t get the habit out)

30jan10_SOYB 046

Kuroshitsuji group!

30jan10_SOYB 048

The Convention centre had a nice moat thingy surrounding it. Some how this structure makes the place feels so un-Singapore-ish.

30jan10_SOYB 049 

Kawaii girls are kawaii :D

30jan10_SOYB 050

MOE goes extreme when the character starts brandishing knifes xD30jan10_SOYB 052

30jan10_SOYB 053

Rubya s Asuka from Evangelion ^_^

30jan10_SOYB 056

30jan10_SOYB 058

Hetalia ! Italia and Japan?

30jan10_SOYB 060

Kyubi and partner cosplayign as somethign I have no freakin idea what but…. THEY LOOK SO FREAKIN CUTE LAH AGHHHH!!! *kidnaps home*

30jan10_SOYB 064

Tenjo Tenge!

(Will pass you girls the high res soon!)

30jan10_SOYB 068

Zone 00 !
I love her sweet smile…so heart meltingly cute ;D


Alright, this marks the end of Photo Spammage Part One! Will be back with moarrrrrr. But for now, I’m off to KTV with my friends. Tata!!!!


Ruby said…
Thanks for the photo!!~ XD
himi said…
Aiyoo I didn't know you forgot your lashes! I have quite a few on me just in case next time just pop me ok!!
ruby: Np ! Thanks for allowing me to take photos and playing my game with me :D

Himi: I didn't know T_T Thanks for the offer. Now I know who to look for the next time I need any 'damage control' at the event >.<
Anonymous said…
The one next to Kyubi is cosplaying as Female!England from Axis Powers Hetalia :3

A picture:

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