Vocaloid Videos (again) !!!

Our very own Maria & Peggy doing Magnet =) I really like the colour scheme. Very bright and pastel like.

This video proves that… you don’t need good content to make it big on youtube. Just……be as crack as possible. Hahhaa

I LOVE the colour scheme used here and the quality has this nice.....glowy effect about it! Not sure if it was intentional or maybe it's just a low res video ^^;

Not loving Len's costume particularly the crown. It looks almost ready to bungee jump off her head any moment @_@

This video and song prolly deserves an entry by itself but I’m probably just bias xD. But I think Len’s make up is way too…scary @_@;;; Actually, all their make up looks kinda scary except Rin =\

Ooohh and I love all their expressions! The Rin and Len Cosplayers did an exceptional job! Great story interpretation and effort =)


Not save for Work content =X !!!!

The cosplayers did a good job acting but the videographer needs brushing up on stabilizing the camera=_=;


This is damn funny la !!! I love it when Meiko does "My hump" and everyone joined in, bollywood style. And Len is so “Wtf?!” through out 


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