World Cosplay Summit 2010 !!

Wow, things seem to be happening one after another in our tiny island! And for the better or for the worse, World Cosplay Summit for this year will kick start 2 months from now. Yes, the preliminaries are now in Mar!

We present to you the World Cosplay Summit Selection Rounds One!

Date: 27 March 2010
Venue: West Coast Plaza
Time: 1.00pm - 5.00pm

To thank all for your support for the World Cosplay Summit, the WCS will have 4 rounds
this year

1) World Cosplay SUmmit Selection Rounds Korea (West Coast Plaza, Singapore)
2) World Cosplay Summit Singapore Semi-Finals in Korea (WCS Korea, Korea)
3) World COsplay Summit Singapore Finals (Cosfest, Singapore)
4) Word Cosplay Summit Championship (WCS, Nagoya, Japan)

For the WCS Selection Rounds One at West Coast Plaza, the top 6 pairs selected will be sent to Korea for the WCS Singapore Semi-Finals. The date in Korea is 21st May-25th May 2010. Accomodation, meals and transport will be provided for.

This is a collaboration between SCC and the Korea WCS organiser to promote friendship and as a cosplay cultural exchange.

The stay in Korea is like a camp where we prepare the WCS contestants for their
competitions later.

Rules of entry

1) Only cosplays from Japanese Anime, Manga and Game is eligible.
As this is a special collaboration between WCS Singapore and WCS Korea,
Korean animation, comics and game characters are also permitted.

2) Only pair entries are eligible for this selection rounds

3) The pair must come from the same series

4) Please send all entries to
Please include the following details of both members in the pair
-Full Name(as in IC)
-Passport Number
-Mobile Number
-Home Address
-Characters you want to cosplay
-Reference photos

Closing date is 21st March 2010.

As a nice round off to the World Cosplay Summit Selection Rounds Korea in West Coast Plaza, there will be an anime band bringing to you a repertoire of anime and game songs!

Yeah, only 2 months to make costume, script the skit and practise for it @_@. But I guess in the long run, this timeline is actually more graceful. Because now, the Singapore finalist will get more time to pack and plan.

Even though, this also meant a much longer time commitment for the contestant. Whether you like it or hate it, this is the plan this year. Singaporean Strive on!!!!!!


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