Anime Tour to Japan!

Not sure about your side but over here in Singapore, once in a while, we’ll see some advertisement on TV selling some holiday tour packages to audience with the unique selling point of having a local Television celebrity for company (as their tour guides).

And…… I can’t believe our Anime/Manga kingdom is now gonna have our own version of that. Don’t get what I mean? Watch the video below.




For 6 Days, 4 Nights, experience Cool Japan as the tour brings you and your friends around Tokyo in the comfort of your very own private coach!  Your Moe Meido-chan tour guide Yoshimi will be bringing you around key attractions in Tokyo, covering place like the 2010 Tokyo Anime Fair, Studio Ghibli, Nakano Broadway, Lucky Star Shrine and more!  Visit the Otaku heaven Akihabara together with celebrity blogger Danny Choo, as he shows you his version of Akiba.

Prices start from SGD$1,999 for the full tour (Return Flight from Singapore to Tokyo Included) and SGD$1,499 for the land tour (Flight to Tokyo not included).  The “everything included” tour includes meals, accommodation and transport (Coach Bus).

Special Installment Plans Available! Pay only SGD$500* as deposit and the rest as installments!  Ask for this special installment plan when you book your tickets!

* Subject to terms and conditions.



Yeap. CTC Holiday (a travel and tour operator) have finally decided to give its business a new edge over its competitors by coming up with this new gimmick.

Pretty cool idea if you ask me =)

Especially loving their installment payment scheme. I guess that’s in mind of the adolescent age group that makes up majority of the demographics.

Some how I find it really amazing and queer how fast this fandom is developing into a massive money sucking industry locally. A cou[ple of years ago, we were still whining about the lack of happenings in Singapore and now they start popping up one after another!

I guess that means even better stuffs for fans to look forward to in the near future huh =)?


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