A Cosplay interview with Taiga (Tora Dora)

Following my last Cosplay Interview with reifes88 and his Iron Tager, I have another TIGER to introduce to everyone in the year of the METAL TIGER (Chinese horoscope) !!!!

Yes, its everyone male Otaku’s favourite animal girl; Taiga Aisaka !!

Blehhh I suck so much at interviewing. I promise I’ll do better next time T_T

20sept09_GCA 043

I met KuroHoshi’s Taiga at the GCA event last year and she totally owned the crowd! Whenever she starts posing a wall of photographer appears xD

KuroHoshi was really cute and natural when I interacted with her, MOE much! Her love for the character shows through even though she didn’t make the costume herself but its clear she really loved Taiga and knew the character inside out.
 20sept09_GCA 041
20sept09_GCA 039 copy

How can anyone resist her???? Check out her wordpress if you wanna know more of her =)


MyCosplayRoom said…
She is really cute!!!~ Her eyes look so big as well

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