Cosplay Photo of the day: Love

I can’t believe I didn’t think of this earlier! We’re in the month of february and I think its time this blog pays tribute to the very power that makes the world goes round; Love.


Megurine Luka and Kagamine Len by Love-Squad and Yond

Absolutely love to this picture! The colours are so vibrant but it still carry that sombre and forbidden ambience! Probably due to the large area of ‘black’ and how the edit dimmed the edges and made your eyes focus on just the cosplayers. Lovely pose, great wig styling ( luka’s curls *_*) and of course pretty headphones!

Luka X Len is also a pretty unexpected pairing :D


“When first love ends” Hatsune Miku and Kaito Anima by Sakana and Xrystal

I like how they managed to turn tropical Singapore into a dreamy winter wonderland with their edit xD Lovely warm colours bring out the coziness of the scene. And great posing from both cosplayers =)



Kagamine Rin & Len by ??? and Yuegene

The white version! Sorry for the straight Vocaloid spams till now. I swear it was unintentional. Anyway, love the colours of this! Lovely photo quality that has a slightly overexposed effect yet retaining the the details and textures on the costume. Lovely framing and pose :D


Okita and Kagura by Cvy and Reiko

AIYA! Do I even need to explain why this is here??????!!! ITS JUST SO GOD DAMN SWEEEEEET AND CUTE LAH!!!!!!!

Lovely vibrant colours too T_T


Taiga and Ryuuji by Ysabel and Miguel

Alright, I admit. This is here mostly because …I think the Ryuuji Cosplayer is very good looking ehehhee. But that aside, I love how size appropriate both cosplayer are! Size is something very difficult to change so its nice to see a Taiga and Ryuuji that both fit the bill =)

Love their poses and expressions too! But I think Miguel might be TOO good looking for Ryuuji. LOL!


Sweden and Finland by Himiko and maskedphantom

I love the soft colours and glowy effect! I’m not sure if this is supposed to be *cough* romantic.but it sure looks so to me XD!!!! Heart shaped ice cubes anyone ??


Okita and Kagura by Cvy and Reiko

Sorrry its another of their Oki x Kagu. But damn cute right??????????



Suzaku and Euphemia by Hikaraseru and Skye

Wow. Gotta agree with skye, the light rays are pwnage! Lovely locations wins half the battle. And of course, the gorgeous costumes the cosplayers are donning are blinding me too.

My favourite part has got to be how intense their ‘love’ for each other is showing through their pose and the backlight that highlights their silhouette.


Last but not least……………. I still wanna include this






 Luka and Ex-Boyfriend by Kaika and Reiko

I KNOW!!!!!!! They broke up yeah~ but but I can’t resist it!!!! Even though they broke up I still think there's a lot of love going on between them. In fact, I like to think they broke up because of love itself. *sighs*


reiko said…
Sigh.. loving someone doesn't necessarily mean you have to be together. Sometimes, loving someone is thinking for that person, and knowing when to let go... :[
EmoedAura said…
Kaika, The pic of "When first love ends" by Sakana and Xrystal ... that's not Kaito besides Miku , it's Anima ... * Sigh * You and your MikuXKaito
Lovely pictures :D >.< I also feel that between luka and the ex is a big love.

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