Cosplay photo of the day: WackY!


Sorry for the slightly slow updates on the blog. I’m pending this really big project of my own at the moment and Chinese New Year is around the corner so…time is tight! But the last entry I asked about the random Cosplay Photo of the day and majority of you were up for it. So I’m finally out with the first ‘edition’!!

Gonna kick start this segment with something a little ….WAckier! Something out of the norm for a (hopefully) big splash!

Socophdpeppe cosplaying as Kuja from the ever famous Final Fantasy IX/Dissidia.

The costume colours look gorgeous and our cosplayer here sure have a good pack of abs. But no offense to Socophepeppe… this picture really strike me as more ‘funny’ than ‘cool.

It must be the conductor-ish pose. I’m sorry if it was meant to be serious because I giggled when I saw it….and that’s why its here =X It’s wacky!


Ringo cosplaying as Sky Arcobaleno I.Luce from Katekyo Hitman Reborn (right?)

A pregnant lady, who’d have guessed??! Her appearance came as a totally unexpected and very giggle inducing surprise. Much love to Ringo for her very courageous attempt that breaths a breath of fresh air into the local scene. Kudos!

Lennethxviii & Kanasaiii Cosplaying as Gintama and Hijikata from Gintama.

I love their expressions to bits! Lovely framing and vibrant colours really brought this entire photo to live! Also gotta hand it to Cosplayers who bothered to coordinate with the locations and prepares random props(Aka pudding and manga!)


Alright, I’ve come to the end of my ‘wacky’ Photos…for now. See you guys soon!


Xiaobai said…
Not to mention the MAYONAISE. @__@
Valtan said…
Haha this is a great start! XD

Ringo mama~ *squishes the baby*

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