Again, I am so late on this. Pals around me has been talking about it but it just flew past my head because I always seem to catch up on Dramus late. Much lates.

So a while ago, I was googling for some reviews on OTACOOL 1 and accidentally came upon this page (had wanted to find some example scans or reviews of OTACOOL 1 so I can decide whether I wanna buy OTACOOL 2 or not) Which I pimped to another friend on MSN and she in turn pimped me another blog entry of the same topic.  Which then finally directed me to Mr. Danny Choo’s Q & A entry.

What a series of link @_@ ;;; How do I begin this *mutters to self*?

Well, as we all know. There has been a  lot of dramas going on surrounding this OTACOOL project (as expected). And after reading the above 2 link, I just felt the urge/need to share my opinion. So, that brings me to the writing of this entry.


I think I’ll start with the cover first since that’s what sparked everything. Well, to be honest, It looks fine to me. Box gridded with a big bold title design that is easy to read and will appear visibly on magazine shelves. Pretty much how I expected it to be.


*Gets punched in the face*

_JUS7454 copy(OH MANNNN This is sooooooooooo OOC!!! I really shouldn’t publish this but its too funny not to xDDDDD originally taken for this) 


Okay fineeeeeee lahhh T_T!!!!!  its not about the design *wipes blood*. I know everyone’s complaining about the selection of front cover cosplayer and the lack of ‘costumes’ in the cover design.

A friend was complaining to me that one of the front cover cosplayer’s (Linda Le) photos were digitally manipulated. And she had in fact, only did her makeup, wore a wig and prolly a bikini and then had someone Photoshop a figurine’s costume to her body. Or at least, that’s the impression I am getting lah.

So in simple layman term, people are upset her lack of effort is being hailed as a ‘cosplay’ and feel it is unjustifiable for her to be on the cover.

To be honest when I was first posed with this issue, I wasn’t quite sure if I want to agree or disagree with it. After all, I’m a big fan of digital manipulation myself.

fat thighs....shd have cged more ;/

I did this cg 5 years ago and even uploaded it to Cosplay.com hahaa. In case you’re wondering, the entire costume was CGed on. Didn’t do a good job on the wonky thigh parts though =\

Anyway, back to the topic. I guess digital manipulations are alright. BUT in this situation where acknowledging those digitally manipulated (and VERY heavily manipulated in this case) photographs would be unfair to the majority of the applicants plus jeopardize the definition of “Cosplay”, then I guess I’d have to disagree with it. Especially having it on the cover is outright challenging the definition of “Cosplay” and what majority of the community fans believe in. Much like challenging a religion =X

I believe KOTOBUKIYA ought to look into it since this is a pretty legitimate concern and maybe if Linda really DID COSPLAY that Ayanami Rei, show us some proof. I’m sure there were some Work-In-Progress, behind-the-scenes or camwhore shots etc. That’ll return her the pride and dignity she deserved =) I’d feel damn upset if I was her and after all my hard work of putting that plastic costume together, some sour grapes eater goes around sprouting nonsense like this.

But of course, that’s only my suggestion. Sadly, I don’t think KOTOBUKIYA would do anything about it (even if the rumors were later proved correct) given the tight printing deadline and the fact that taking her out would only incur more logistic time and work hours. Not to mention, it’d be like admitting they were wrong. And no commercial organization would do that *SIGH* =\

Personally I’m fine with just showing the faces of the cosplayers on the cover. Lack of space is a very factual problem and nobody can fight that. In order to include more cosplayers into the limelight, everyone just had to squeeze a little. If everyone squeeze we can include more people into the cover, make sense?

About it not showcasing enough of the costumes well, yes that’s true. But this is a cover page my dears. It’s only meant to be a teaser and the real deal is inside. You can’t expect your 30 second Movie trailer/teaser to include everything about the movie right? Unless you are Kenny Sia hahah!

The job of a cover page is to lure buyers/readers to the publication. The title should be easy to read and allow passerby to quickly grasp the concept/content of the book and decide whether they are interested in seeing what’s INSIDE. KOTOBUKIYA is not a charity organization, gotta understand that.

And about the queer ratio of females and males on the cover well… its just a sad prove of the fact that, sex sells =X haha.  But honestly, despite that theory, you gotta admit that there’s a much bigger ratio of female cosplayers to male cosplayers anyway. So I guess this is fine with me too?

And yes, obviously Mr. Danny Choo’s cosplay is not epic enough to make the cover. But I think its only right for KOTOBUKIYA to place him there. After all, he did spin the idea of the book up and his site is the main channel of their book content. It’s only fair and gracious of KOTOBUKIYA to have him there as a symbol of goodwill and appreciation for their strategic partnership. Aiyah, don’t grumble liao la, don’t like his face, just marker it off after you get your own copy lor.


There were a particularly a lot of entries from Singapore alone and we was thinking it was only fair to publish a Singapore version of OTACOOL2. However, it looks like many Singaporeans have already withdrew their entries because they didn't get on the cover and because of a misunderstanding that they could not credit their photographer - even though nobody said that photographers could not be credited!
Tis a shame because a Singapore OTACOOL Ver. would have been (Ota)cool.

- DannyChoo.com

Then I come to this *points above*

I don’t religiously follow Mr. Choo’s blog so I missed this entry until this journal brought it up.

How??!!!!…. ehhHEH?? …I mean…*scratch head*…what can I say ?

*breaths in slowly*

Alright, I don’t blame Mr. Choo for being upset with the withdrawals and the dramas over OTACOOL2 as heavily hinted in his entry. After all, it takes two hands to clap and I guess Singaporeans with our 99% nationwide internet penetration rate can be pretty daunting/irritating/annoying/cute/naive/refreshing/kawaii/sexy/spicy Oops =X

Yet at the same time, I just can’t deny how ………… amused I am by that overly simplistic comment and way of looking at things.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Mr. Choo hater. In fact, I have always looked up to his entrepreneur spirit and ability to create something from nothing. He knows what makes people ticks and working on that, he is able to create one of the most famous and popular Japanese culture website; that alone proves a lot. But that comment by itself was very disappointing to hear from someone whom I had thought to be wise and has always been in the line of HR and marketing.

Firstly, generalizing is unfair and in this case, highly untrue. It’s a pity Mr. Choo choose to publish such comments without any basis. Because sad to say, the damage is done more on Mr. Choo’s up-till-now stellar reputation than on Singaporean Cosplayers *shakes head*

And no, from a corporate POV, NOT stating a disclaimer (or in this case, a rule/copyright statement etc ) is the negligence of the company. Yes, nobody said that the photographers could not be credited but the organisers didn’t say the photographer’s name could be included either. Same theory applies both ways yeah??


Once again. Like WUD?!

What’s the point of writing the Photographer’s name on my submission page if ultimately they are not going to be included it in the book?

To be honest, I had entertained the idea of withdrawing myself too. NOT because I wasn’t good enough to be on the front cover but because I too, had thought the lovely photographers I worked with won’t be credited. After reading this photographer’s journal and breakdown of the T & C, I felt guilty and unfair that only myself would be benefitting from appearing on the book.

But now that KOTOBUKIYA has confirmed that they are going to include the photographer’s name, I’m happy =) And thankful =)


Following what this blog has summarised, I too felt that once again, the corporate world have underestimated the power of Cosplayers. This is a community fuelled very strongly by passion and fans and failing to recognise that is sinking into failure itself.

I admit, the Cosplay community is criticizing a little too much, especially on the logistic areas. But I guess comments and criticisms is necessary for improvements.

Like most people, I give all my blessings to the publishing of the book and still, despite all these drama, look forward to the completion of it. At the end of it all, I’d still say “Omedetto and Otsukare” to both Danny Choo and KOTOBUKIYA. Because despite all the monetary gains and profile exposure both party gets, the publication of this book have definitely pushed the community to new heights.


.:decadence:. said…
First half, about the cover and everything else : my sentiments EXACTLY! It is after all a publication and the cover will definitely attract buyers. It is definitely not a book for fans by fans so ultimately it will be the profits that matters most to them won't it? =x

I think both parties are to blame for the whole dramu, and as you say it takes 2 hands to clap. I can definitely see where the cosplayers are coming from since we all cosplay too ya. Danny should really be careful with his choice of words though D=. *shakes head* really bad move on his part and it really is bad to generalize.

The cosplay coumminty here is really scary though. I never expected this whole otacool2 thing to be blown up this big! I was just thinking that it was going to be one of those publications that features "popular" (aka pretty ppl) in it, just like how similar books of such have already been published, thus my lack of enthusiasm with regards to the book. Never did I expect it to get such a huge reaction from the community.

Zeratul made an excellent point with regards to this whole incident as well, do check it out. >> Zeratul's Journal Entry

And finally

"Like most people, I give all my blessings to the publishing of the book and still, despite all these drama, look forward to the completion of it. At the end of it all, I’d still say “Omedetto and Otsukare” to both Danny Choo and KOTOBUKIYA. Because despite all the monetary gains and profile exposure both party gets, the publication of this book have definitely pushed the community to new heights."

I couldn't agree more.

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