And things just continue to get more ridiculous….


Haha, in case you can’t spot the mistake. That is someone else’s Youtube channel. Not mine.

Some Naruto fan actually got the video from niconico, then uploaded it to Youtube. I am in some sort of shock myself so I don’t really know how to react. But I left him a nice comment as can be seen in the screencap.

Should I PM him/her to take it down? I know I should but I feel a little mean doing that =\ . So I need some help here peeps! Comment and tell me your vote for my action!!!

Much thanks to emmyp95 for directing my attention to this video.

Edit: He/she replied my comment with a PM! He/she have credited and put a link to my channel in the description.

|||||||||||| oTL

Now I feel even meaner! AHHHHHHHHHH I think I just made the situation worse!!!! SOMEONE HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!


Emily said…
emmyp95 here! (No, I'm totally not a stalker... :D)

You're very welcome. My opinion still stands- if I were you, I would ask them to take it down. That video is taking views away from your hard work, and they are getting credit/recognition/views for something they had absolutely no part in. I feel even crediting you is not enough.
evilneo said…
Actually, it is very common for people to be uploading other ppl's videos in various streaming website. If the uploader already credited you, I think it is still acceptable since it is still helping u to spread the video ard unless he/she is claiming credit for the video.

But, if you really feel uncomfortable about it, then you should ask the uploader to take it down. Tell the uploader that ppl are still able to watch the video in ur channel. As a blogger, it is also easier for u to track the viewing rate and its popularity so that u know whether ur readers like it and decide whether to do similar projects in future. By uploading another video, u might lose viewers and subscribers which means you cannot spread ur love for cosplay to more ppl ard the world.
Emily said…
evilneo- I agree with what you're saying, and I think that's more acceptable if you get credited, as long as there is no more than one copy per website.

Ex: let's say I did something on Youtube someone wanted to put on Veoh. If they credited me, fine. But to take it and put another version of the exact same thing, credit or no credit on the same website only detracts views from my original video.
emily: Thanks for telling me , he/she took it down already ^_^

Evilneo: haha yesh, its down le =)

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