Random reply + Tutorials to share!

Hi Guys~~

Thanks for all your hearty comments and opinion on my last discussion entry about the definition of a Cosplayer. It’s nice to hear different sincere and heartfelt opinions from everyone. And I agree with a lot of what you guys said. Though, I think that post might also have given a much more serious and unhealthy image of me =_=|||

I probably sound really heated up and all but I’m actually not. I just wanna share the little thoughts that pops into my head occassionally. I can’t say I’m really stressed out about it because well…even if I really am. I’m doing a really bad job solving it. Because my cosplays are still NOT improving and I’m still pretty much cosplaying…the same old boring genre of characters.

But maaa….I don’t care. I can’t help liking the characters I like and if I don’t cosplay a character I like I can’t find any motivation to push through. So yeah. That’s how I’m doing things =)

Anyway, I’m considering blogging in a more casual style as opposed to my usual ‘topic based’ entries. What do you guys think?

Alright, other than this random blogging. I also have some tutorials I found online to share with you guys. Both on Wigs!


 Windofthestars has this awesome tutorial on naturally mixing 2 wigs together to form a 2 toned wig. I can totally hear Sheryl nome Cosplayers celebrating now hahah. Click on the image above to link to her awesome website and tutorial =)


How to straighten a synthetic wig by Pattasy

Basically this method uses controlled heat water to soften the synthetic fibers. Watch the video to know more =)


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