Vocaloid Cosplay PV: Melt (Peggy & Jesuke)

Vocaloid Cosplay PV:Melt from Peggy666 on Vimeo.

Song by Supercell,he's a very famous composer in the world of vocaloid!
Did a cosplay PV for it because this is one of the first few songs that i heard from a vocaloid and its kinda memorable to me.


Photograph: Zerartul and Staci Ng
Hatsune Miku: Peggy (www.wildmushrooms.deviantart.com)
KAITO : Jesuke (www.jesuke.deviantart.com)
post process/animator : Peggy
Special thanks: Mr.James,DD-Tenka and Vic
Thanks everyone for being there...and helping us <3

Yeah~~ Peggy’s Vocaloid PV is finally out ! *Pimps* Congratulation to the entire crew for pulling this big project out ^_^!

I think Peggy did a fabulous job editing and animating. Yes, the post processing and video/animation editing is done by the Hatsune Miku Cosplayer; Peggy. Both of them look really lovey dovey here and the style of the animation is really adorable xD! Oh, did I mention that peggy did the post processing and animation single handedly?

Oops, just felt the need to highlight that in case you guys didn’t notice. Don’t mind me, its just my personal issue. Feeling a bit upset nobody seemed to notice Kaika was also the animator/video editor for the Just Be Friends Cosplay PV. Ahh maaaa *fans self*.

Updates have been slowing down again. Mostly because I’m in some sort of cosplay low tide. These days I just feel like melting into my chair and watch videos on youtube till my eyes burn out. And I’m busy preparing for WCS. In case any of you are out of the loop, WCS selection round is on THIS SATURDAY! Come support me and the other teams at West Coast Plaza alright ^_^? Information about the event below. In my previous entry .


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