WCS selection results!!

My adorable "Kyoko's Evil spirit" props. The bigger head was supposed to be attached to the black cover but due to some hiccups....it was eventually not shown on stage =\. More at next entry perhaps.

Congrats to the six team who managed to progress forward! The competition was very tough and every team displayed a high level of dedication to their costume and skit. One of the best competition year imho!
Congratulation to peggy, jesuke, aya, frank, kyubei, mitsui and the other three teams that won!!!! I'm so sorry I don't know the names of the cosplayers ToT but below are the series of the teams that won.

  • Synchronicity, kagamine Rin/Len
  • Blaz Blue, ???
  • Monster Hunter, ???
  • Axis power Hetalia, America & England
  • Megaman, ???
  • Cantabile, Kaito & Miku
Apologies for the lack of nice pictures. The problem with being part of the competition is you can't get no nice photographs in your own camera =\

Again, congrats to the 6 teams! Start saving money to spend at Korea now! Oh, and buy us some Kimchi back !!!


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