WCS Singapore Selection Round 2010

Sorry for the wait, my video is up!

This video is taken backstage while all the teams were waiting for the results. It was a very boring and long wait and everyone was as exhausted as can be, including myself. Which is the reason why I have very little footage this time round. My body kinda collapsed after the skit and interview (I was helping a classmate with his school project) and I felt this really overwhelming fatigue, headache and body ache engulfing me.

In short, I just wasn’t in the best of Paparazzi state. But still, much thanks to many of the cosplayers who graced my video and waved/reacted to me. I think everyone did really really well. It was cool being in such a competitive competition =)


The 13 teams backstage waiting for the results!

Some random videos I took before the competition. I had wanted to try uploading it before the competition via my mobile but the upload kinda stopped at 40% and wouldn’t budge. So here I am, uploading it via computer.

In the video, Gin is sticking the kyoko spirits and random words (hate, grudge and 怨)to the thrash bag she will transform behind. Sadly, we forgot to highlight to the stage crew about this. And in the end, all the props instead of facing the audience, were facing inwards=_______________= . Very upset about it =(

27Mar10_WCS 007

Before the skit! We decided to camwhore with our Sho poster before it gets torn to smithereens!

27Mar10_WCS 008 27Mar10_WCS 009

Many failed camwhorez attempt xD

27Mar10_WCS 012 copy

With peggy! Congratz to the girl and Jesuke for winning their rights to korea this May! I look horrible here so I’m censoring my face=_=

27Mar10_WCS 013 

With the very bishie Kyubei :D! Again, another team to congratz!

27Mar10_WCS 015

With my pink partner (Gin), Bellis and Noshuu!

27Mar10_WCS 020 27Mar10_WCS 026

We were trying to form a “LOVE” word but it fails miserable as you can see =_=

IMG_3513 edit 
Love Us!

Much love to my partner; Gin. The skit wouldn’t have come to light if not for her participation and fabulous acting skills T_T. *Hugs gin tight tight* I’m sorry we didn’t get through again. I really loved our skit this time round so it was pretty demoralizing when we didn’t get in eventually. But I guess that was a pretty expected result *Sigh*. Ah well, the journey was fun so I figure I shouldn’t dwell on the negatives.

As for the event itself, it was very very small scale. The event location was awfully out of the way. Not only was it far out, it didn’t have any direct trains stations around either. Singaporeans are too pampered to travel to  obscure neighborhood areas without any good reason. Which explains why the event attendees were drastically lesser than usual.

And I found more videos! (uploaded by Mr Neo)

Our skit, this time, from the front view.

The interview segment! I’m surprised someone got this part ;DDD

Crediting these videos to the uploader; Neo. In case you guys haven’t notice, these videos (except the 2 on top) are not by me :P

Acktosh and Cyrus’s Team. Samurai Warriors!

Noshuu & Bellis’s Team. Fairy Tail !!!


I still have a random video clip from the event and some WIP photos to share. Maybe I’ll upload them tomorrow=) Look forward ne! NE?!?!!!!


evilneo said…
Last 2 videos are taken also by me ;p
Benjamin said…
Hey Kaika and friend, your skit was awesome. Thanks for helping me with the interview. I will get you a copy of it when its done.

Be sure to let me know when there's another event. I will be sure to support you!
reiko said…
oh man thanks for the update of WCS selection round!! saw so many familiar faces, i wish i could have been there to help out/cheer you gals on ;_; bellis and noshuu!!! so long since i've seen them!!

hontou ni otsukare!! <3
Anonymous said…

sobs, our performance really sucks. yes, as what the girls in the video said, 'chui'

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