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Woohoo~ Seems like there’s a new Cosplay & Japanese culture oriented magazine for english speakers like ourselves!

Cosplay Gen(eration), a project brought by the Otaku Magazine team, is an independent magazine (no ADS) focused on the worldwide promoting of cosplayers and of various Japanese fashion trends. The 72 pages of the magazine will include profiles featuring cosplayers from around the world and their amazing work; extended interviews; reviews from various cosplay events; articles centered on cosplay photography, cosplay trends, and Japanese fashion; tutorials; and also a beginner’s corner.

It’s a project born out of our love for cosplay and for Japanese contemporary fashion culture, and from the continuous need to bring these in the spotlight. We consider that a good project is always a useful one, regardless the many other existing similar means, and from this point of view there’s no such thing as “enough”. Therefore, in our attempt, we tried to collaborate with the best contributors and bring forth materials that would address to a very heterogeneous public interested in cosplay and Japanese fashion.


And check out who’s on the cover for the first issue!



And I see soooo many familiar names on the editorial list above ^_^ Kudos to the Singaporean (& Malaysian) Cosplayers and Photographers for making such active effort to contribute to the community! Not to mention being GOOD enough to be noticed and asked for contribution =)

I’m so proud of all of you! Like what one of the editorial people mentioned in Jesuke’s introduction speech below, it’s amazing how much “Cosplay” is flourishing in a place as tiny and ‘inhibiting’ as Singapore.

OMG, I can’t get over how funny  the name “Dan The Farmer” is, printed on paper/website  HAhahhahaa!!! I am so gonna tease Dan the next time I see her! 



To any foreign readers reading this, let me describe how things are like in Singapore. We have a sunny and humid climate all year round which means to say, the makeup on your face melts faster than your ice cream. And we don’t have the culture of dressing up during Halloweens so we didn’t have access to many costuming materials until recently. Even now, we still don’t have access to many many useful and interesting materials. Things are starting to look up but in the costuming commercial aspect, Singapore still has some miles to run.

Anyway I digressed again.


And wow, a Comiket review by our dearest Songster !!!!

Edit: According to noshuu, with shipping the cost of the magazine is SGD17

Surprisingly, the magazine price at  just SGD11.30 !?!?!! I’m sure that low price doesn’t include shipping. But nevertheless, for a 75 page ,coloured B5 print out , that price is a steal! Especially when you compare it to other cosplay magazine which sells at SGD 30 – 40 and the worse thing is, you don’t even know what the hell they’re talking about (language barrier=_=).

They’re having a pre order now. Pop over to their website to see more =). And just a disclaimer, no, I’m not paid to write this :P. Just sharing new information!


Valtan said…
HAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!! Dan the FARMER! Omg! The official farmer liao! =X

Thanks for the info abt this magazine! =D
Hexlord said…
LOL I know which other cosplay magazine that you are talking about. XD
Jac said…
aww how nice
Anonymous said…
pre-ordered XD
Anonymous said…
it's EUR9 inc of shipping, which is about SGD17
Valtan: Desho????! Damn funny right xD

Hexlord: ehehee

Jac: yeah, I think they are DA based =)

Noshu: That's fast!!! And thanks for the info about the pricing!
Cosplay Fanatic said…
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