A Cosplay interview with Meiko (Vocaloid)

And i finally have this video up! The Cosplayer in topic today is our ever kawaii and cool Reiko! Yes, she’s the nameless boyfriend in our Just be Friends Cosplay PV.

She wowed us all at afa last year with her impressive and sizzling hot Meiko cosplay. She was so popular the photography requests kept coming in.

As with my usual custom when i interview a cosplayer, i also do a short write up. But this has got to be the most difficult one. It seems like the closer you are with the interviewee the lesser questions you can cook up! And Reiko has got to be one of the most experienced cosplayer to be interviewed by far. Truth be told, she's been in the community longer than me! So that makes her my senpai ahaaahaha!

Ok jokes aside, her meiko cosplay really wowed everyone. Personally, I think the best thing about her cosplays is her ability to bring life to the character.
Some people wear a costume and call it cosplay. Some people slap some colours on their face and call it make up. But cosplay on her is a form of art that displays craftsmanship, styling abilities and character portrayal at its pinnacle. It's not always easy to juggle all that and get the right blend of everything in the end. But she did it anyway =)
I also love how flexible she is in portraying characters from both gender convincingly. JBF nameless BF and Meiko yeay yeay??
According to Reiko, the wig alone cost 4800yen and the microphone was 4000yen. I feel the pinch >.<||| And yes, Cosplay can be expensive T_T. The loveliest part of this cosplay is how the entire costume was constructed entirely by her. Go watch the video and see her explain every detail if you haven’t yet.
Photo credits to: Songster69

But there's a down side to being so gorgeous and sexy though. At events you become the target of hentai jiji or random event goers who are just there for the free candy.

She's a pretty girl in pretty costume and receives countless photo taking request. But a few of those who took photos with her somehow had the impression that cosplayers were alright with being touched and tried to place their hands on her waist =.=|||  a little too intimate with someone you don't know right?
  Photo credits to: Songster69

I'm not trying to imply that all event goers are bad and perverted. But I would like to remind everyone, that despite her highly urbanized society, Singapore is still largely a conservative Asian country. You don't place your hand around the uncle sitting beside you on the train so you shouldn't try that with a cosplayer you just saw at an event either! If you really want to (and god knows why you so desperately wants to !) , at least ASK for permission before doing it.
I’m sorry if I got off tangle here.I just felt the need to talk about it after reading Reiko’s comment on my previous entry about photographers.
Finally, to end this entry off, I would like to thank my dearest and cutest Reiko for accepting the interview and sharing so much!
Photo credits to: Zell


She’s too cute. So I couldn’t help showcasing all the Meiko photos on her gallery. Go visit her at her DA now!


dAni3Lr said…
Beautiful report of Reiko; she is really friendly and though she told me she could be "quirky" I doubt that would even qualify as a "down-side" to her personality!

I enjoyed seeing all the energy she puts into her fandom (esp Gintama and Vocaloid), it's so passionate that you feel like you have also started liking all the things she loved!
Jac said…
Oh I remember her! gorgeous cosplay ^^
Soh said…
Kekekekekeke her Meiko costume was so HAWT lah we all wanted to "rape" her ourselves. Kekekeke thank goodness we're her friends, otherwise we'd have to wait in line to be her fangirls~ REIKO~ KAKKOII~~~ Seems so long ago when I took a photo of her Trigun cosplay~ I didn't realise her mic cost 4000yen! She poked me one afternoon on MSN and asked me if there was something similar but cheaper at Sim Lim, but I think it was too close to the date so I told her she's better off just buying it off the site she showed me. *amused* Ahhhh.... want to go back to Japan and cosplay with her again~~~
maria_tachi said…
I love seeing her!~ SHe is such a babe@!!~

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