Much thanks to Evilneo’s early birthday gift, I got myself a copy of OTACOOL2 !!

P1110608 If only KOTOBUKIYA gave every contributor a copy of the book as a token of appreciation. that would be so cool. But maaa, guess logistically that would be difficult to execute since everyone’s spread out across the globe. And if they give everyone a copy then those in the book won’t bother to buy the book themselves. *pouts*

KAR1079 high res copy

Haruhi pouts because she can’t get things her way!

Anyway, first impression of the book was “Wow, its thicker than I thought!”. Yeap, the book has over 120 pages and all in full colour on glossy paper.

P1110610 How many local Cosplayers can you spot in the back page XD?


The content page

P1110647I was pretty surprised when I went through the book. I was expecting more of a photobook but turns out there was actually some word content.

And despite the “Worldwide Cosplayer” tag, the focus was still very much on their local cosplayers and comparing the different cosplay cultures in Japan and worldwide. P1110648

The first section was dedicated to showcasing a few outstanding Japanese cosplayers. Mostly a 2 page interview with the cosplayers and photos of their costume.


Of course, everyone’s beloved Saya is inside too hehehee.


I got to say, the interview with the japanese cosplayers got me a little …how do I put it… disappointed. But I guess I’ll abbreviate more in another entry.


Kaname gets 4 pages for himself. Lols. Special treatment is special xD


The photographs selected for the entire book was great but as expected, of too similar genres. I particularly noticed the fact that most of the photographs selected were cosplays of female characters. There was very few crossdress pictures to be seen.

And very very few male cosplayers. Did the guys not submit anything? *shrugs*

Haruhi approves!

And then there’s the surprising (or not) “Singapore” section. I’m amused and thankful for the special mention (for our little island). Though at the same time a little sad I don’t see photos of some of my favourite local cosplayers.

Overall, the OTACOOL2 book is a pretty nice book for people who have never tried cosplays before to get some insights and for those who are feverishly into the hobby to collect and enjoy in years to come.


Arisa said…
Personally I think the book's pretty cool but at the same time rather biased due to some "cosplayers" or rather.. + connections. I've seen a few people with no cosplay experience (claiming that they do have at least a year of experience), dressing up and getting into the book.

I'm quite shocked and disappointed as some local cosplayers who are really awesome didn't get picked for OTACOOL 2, and in fact they did submit their pictures.

I'm not a cosplayer, but I feel disappointed about the selection, and I probably wouldn't purchase the book.
Arisa said…
When I mentioned about those "cosplayers" .. I meant local Singaporeans.
Arisa: Thanks for the comment and insights babe. Regarding the point you mentioned, Political ties sigh....that's how the world runs =\
Jac said…
so sad when bias is deemed unavoidable
Cairdiuil said…
Thanks for the review. I was reading alot into the drama. I was thinking of not getting it as I thought it was unfair and would be a complete waste of time using a somewhat cosplay book for imspiration if it is just full of not so good cosplayers and pretty girls. Then when I saw the scan on your previous post I did see a good few really good cosplayers and photos. I am looking forward to reading this book and I want to have my own opinion. It would be also interesting what the academic has to say about cosplay.

I will also be giving my review too.
Jac: =\ Oh wells.....that's the world huh?

Cairdiuil: Thanks for the comment ^^. Well, I try my best to put the drama and the book itself apart when going through the book.

Its not a bad book. Just that the hobby itself is too deep and complicated to be discussed and presented in one book with only 10% text.
Jac said…
I do hope we get more entries from guys :D maybe they're too shy to join? XD

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