Spot the difference Game!

It's time for some light hearted game time! Spot the difference and comment in the comment box below! Click on the pics for more hint! First 3 commenter with the correct answer gets a virtual hug and Deviantart llama from me!

image  image image

If 10 person can get the right answer then I’ll…I'll…… hmmm I’ll post some exclusive omake photos !





I don’t know what to do anymore=_=. I think I should just change my YT video title to “Just Be Friends Cosplay PV (original)” . Yes, I’ll just take it as a compliment.


maria_tachi said…
The different is the quality of the video.

THe first one already being strench like dont know what

The second is not good quality to watch at all

The third is the original by Kaika XD XD
maria_tachi said…
Too bad there is no way that you can copyright this thing unless you willing to spend some $$?
songster69 said…
Hmm, your JBF video was pirated?
evilneo said…
1) Video's title is different
2) Uploader is different
3) Video's description is different
4) Video's view counts is differnt
5) No. of videos each uploader has is different
6) 3rd video can watch in higher quality but the first 2 can't
kimi-gin said…
Must find how many differences?

1) Quality looks different?
2) Different uploaders?
3) 3rd video pwn the other videos in terms of views XD
4) different name of video?
Seki said…
True, the other poster should have linked your video. But they did say that this was the singaporean cosplay video they found on NicoNico ^^; Why they reuploaded it is because they replaced Luka's version with Piko's version. Second video is the same as what happened when your video got on niconico wasn't it? ;;;

Most of the Vocaloid and Utamite videos also get ripped off niconico and placed on youtube. I guess that's the price of being good at something? DX
maria,songster, evilneo,gin: Yay correct answer!!!!

Seki: The difference is because it is on the same platform. There comes an undeniable 'competition' both for viewcounts and credit.

Yeay... all our youtube vocaloid vids are ripped haha. But again, they were from a different platform. It just seemed unnecessary now because the original video was from Youtube. But I guess I'm beyond caring le ba....just sharing.
evilneo said…
So got prizes for getting it correct or not? I am still waiting ;p

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